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In the past we have used other car hire companies until we discovered, since we did which was about six or seven years ago we have used no one else. The transfer is quick and efficient, the check in payment process straightforward and the cars top notch, now when we visit the area we would never consider using anyone but,
From: Martin Allan
Submitted: 04/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Extremely poor and costly experience! A truck delivering goods to the hotel I stayed at, scratched the bumper of the parked rental car. The truck driver accepted the responsibillity. When delivering the car back, I showed the injury report to Malaga representatives together with documentation of old damages to the bumper. Everything is okey was the answer. Later I experienced that Malaga Car had withdrawn the deposit of 1200 EUR. 2 months have past and Malaga Car is claiming that the third party insurance company isn't responding. So, Malaga Car is putting all the burden on their customer which is not a part of the insurance case. I have now reported the case to the credit card company. An extremely bad experience!

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Dear customer,
Thanks for your comment. When you booked the car you didn’t like to have Full insurance so you must understand you are responsible for any damage made to the car, up to excess cost. In this case, you say the damage was made by another person and you gave us the details so we are waiting the insurance company take the responsibility. As soon they admit the responsibility, We will refund you the damage cost. Please believe me we do not leave the case aside.
J. Alberto Anglada

From: Hans Rune Rønningen
Submitted: 02/05/2018
Rating: (1 out of 5) ROLSTOELGEBRUIKER. Vlotte communicatie vooraf. Goede prijs. Wat echter dik tegenviel was de afspraakplaats op de airport. Onduidelijk gecommuniceerd. Ik belde tot 2x het bureau op. Na flink zoeken en vragen vond ik dan toch de “, contactdame” op de airport. Blijkbaar had ze geen telefoon van het bedrijf ontvangen ,’ dat wij zoekende’ waren. Zij zette ons half op weg naar de pick-up up place. Verzekerde dat de bestelwagen rolstoeltoegankelijk was, wat in de verste verte niet bleek. Na wat getelefoneer kwam de firma zelf op de luchthaven om ons op te pikken. De wagen (Kia SUV) voldeed niet - te hoog- maar zonder problemen kregen we later in het depot een beter passende wagen. ( Seat Leon stationwagen) .We hadden voor de “full pack vip” formule gekozen en in no time waren de papieren geregeld. De andere klanten moesten geduldig hun beurt verder afwachten. Ook kon er beter en duidelijker in het contact met de firma worden vermeld dat de pick-up plaats als “ buses de cortesia” vermeld was. Het had ons veel tijd uitgespaard. De andere klanten hadden ook zo’n zoektocht moeten maken…
From: Toon Cappelle
Submitted: 02/05/2018
Rating: (3 out of 5)
We have used Malaga for a number of years after being recommended by a friend. The cars are always superb and the service is great. Hope to return in the summer again.
From: Ron Stephens
Submitted: 01/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
I have more than 6 location with Malagacar and i am very happy with them ! Always good quality car and lift service to the airport is very fast and convenient.. Might be interesting to promote reccuring customers with specific promo code ... Regards,
From: Christophe
Submitted: 22/04/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
I have used Malaga cars for many years on average 4 to 5 times each year & in the main have been happy with the service & the helpful staff, but I feel its service is slowly deteriorating I note one customer was complaining about paying extra for fast track I can assure her it is not worth paying the extra because you still end up waiting I have paid extra on the last two occasions mainly for the full insurance cover when I arrived to collect the car on the 26/2/18 they only had 2-desks open at one desk there was a customer trying to extend his hire period & at the other desk there was a customer complaining about being charged extra due to him collecting his car early I was next in the queue but after waiting for thirty minutes I attempted to ask the assistant if she could request extra assistance from the office upstairs I was told abruptly to wait, to be fair when a extra staff member did appear he gave me a upgrade due to the long wait & poor service On the 8/4/18 I arrived at the airport & went to the malaga car representative to confirm we had arrived & then went to the pickup point My wife & I were the only people waiting at the pickup point for about 10 minutes then a group of about 15 people turned up when the transport bus arrived it stopped short near the back of the queue which allowed the people that had just arrived to get on the bus so we then had to wait for the next bus (it was better when they used a ticket number) this also meant we had to wait at the office behind the people who arrived after us once again there were only 2-desks open so the service was slow When I finally got the car I noticed the tyre warning lights was on so I asked them to check the tyres & tyre pressue this they did but the next day I had the same problem on the 10/4/18 I took the car back due to the warning light coming on again no problem the car was exchanged but we lost a few hours out of our holiday I have a car booked again for the 22/5/18 & I hope for much better service if not it might be time to try another hire company
From: Anthony Ince
Submitted: 18/04/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Hi, I have been using Malaga car hire now for 10 years. Never had an issue. Good cars . Helpful staff. Competitive pricing. My only concern is that in recent years you can skip the que at their office if you book the full package which gives you priority and express pick up. This means if you pay more you get bumped to the top of the que when picking up your car. This leaves those with the basic package feeling like second class citizens. I dont think its right to give priority to those who have paid more. Are all customers not valued equally? Otherwise a great company to deal with.
From: Damien Scally
Submitted: 17/04/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Used Malaga cars several times over the years so has my brother when we fly to Malaga. Always been very impressive with the service. Looking to book them again when back in the summer. Many thanks Jim
From: Jim Chamberlayne
Submitted: 15/04/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
My family and I have used Malagacarhire for several years and have found them to be extremely professional.I always recommend them to anyone travelling to Malaga.They are the best!
From: Margaret Anne Navan
Submitted: 12/04/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
I’ve (& my family, my friends on recommendation) been using Malagacar for over 8 years. In the main I have been very happy with their service, that’s why I come back. I wouldn’t use anyone else, friendly and efficient staff. The only negative, they have no loyalty program. I have never been upgraded, never offered a discount (outside of their own promotions) I can log on to their site and sign in – but it has no benefit. It would be nice to get rewarded for your repeat custom.

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Dear Mr. Oates,
Thanks for your email. We are really happy to know you are happy with our service and you can be happier because we have a loyalty program. If you check the last mailings sent by us, you will find the information. Anyway you can log in and get some discounts.
J. Alberto Anglada
From: Gareth Oates
Submitted: 12/04/2018
Rating: (4 out of 5)

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