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Hired a car twice with brilliant service nice clean cars and good fully insurance cover would recommend 100%
From: Nigel Kelly
Submitted: 29/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
I have just returned to the UK from Malaga where I hired a Malagacar Opel Corsa for 2 weeks. Thank you for a well maintained and pleasant car to drive car. The hire price was also very good. Many thanks Malagacar
From: Clifford Hargrave
Submitted: 25/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Excellent, always the best service. Have been using the company for 8 year without any problems. Have recommended Malagacar to all my family and friends. Everybody prefers Always nice and friendly people and good cars.
From: Monica Ingemarsson
Submitted: 25/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Highly recommended!! I use Malagacar on every visit now, having used several car hire companies over the last 13 years. Excellent all round service; rates are the best around. My friends have all switched to using Malagacar when visiting Spain and their properties.
From: Philip James
Submitted: 24/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Rented Nov 2015 price was great, service was great and no fuel or key scams. We would definitely recommend
From: Bernie K Florida Usa
Submitted: 24/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Hired care in October 2015 .. had a bit of wait on pick up and it was not clear where the fast check in was when i arrived. However found the overall experience to be 1st class. We got the car we wanted a BMW 1 . This did develop a fault but the exchange we so fast and smooth. Will definitely use this company again .. fantastic service
From: Tony Walton
Submitted: 22/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Absolutely recommended! Transfer from / to the airport, quick, fair and friendly handling and a top car in unique conditions (we had a Mini Cabrio from 6 to 14 November). If you don´t rent here, the blame is yours!
From: Gabriele Königs
Submitted: 16/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Hi there i have just been charged not 1 but 3 traffic offences for a total of €90!! They all occurred on the same day and in the same place, bloody Granada! As you can probably imagine i am not one bit happy about this. I have driven all over the world and i consider myself a very good confident driver and thus never picked up any traffic violations anywhere, not to mention 3 in the same day! We parked in pay car parks, we followed the SATNAV, was careful and never speed but still got done for a 3 fines. I also drove around Rhonda, Malaga, Marbella and El Chorro and not a single problem or fine there. Now i know its not your fault there guys, you were actually very helpful on the day i rented my car and i would recommend you but bloody hell how does anybody expect to get around Granada with a car when the place is so locked down under so such strict security. You guys really need to issue prior warnings to your customers to make they are aware of how strict it is in Granada. As i can see from online research upon receiving the fine, Granada has a bad reputation for people getting caught with traffic fines for stupid little things that would just not fly here in Ireland where i'm from. Can anything be done? can you make an exception for rental cars? knowing that we are foreign to your country and not aware of such strict almost military like traffic violation control?! Or is it just a tourist trap to make some money. I hope this can be a warning to other renters and make people aware that you should not take a car to Granada but take the bus instead!
From: Aaron
Submitted: 14/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
We recently used Malaga Cars for the first time & was really impressed. We like the fuel policy & overall the prices are excellent Highly recommended
From: Kay Dearman
Submitted: 12/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Voor de tweede keer (oktober 2015) een auto gehuurd bij Malagacar. Eerste keer 3 jaar geleden. De voorwaarden zijn duidelijk beschreven op de website. TIP boek via het Engelse deel van de website. Hier kun je kiezen uit 3 opties, die mogelijkheid heb je niet op het NL deel. Wij waren goedkoper uit plus 2e bestuurder inbegrepen. Ophalen na aankomst op luchthaven bij de uitgang is duidelijk. Snel vervoer naar het kantoor (5 minuten rijden met shuttle bus). Afgifte auto is ook snel, zeker als je alles afgekocht hebt. Inlevering auto idem, je wordt weer snel afgezet op de luchthaven. Geen gedoe met extra verzekeringen of extra kosten. Kortom een volgende keerboek ik weer bij Malagacar. English: For the second time (October 2015) rented a car at Malagacar. First time three years ago. The conditions are clearly explained on the website. TIP book on the English section of the website. Here you can choose from three options, which are not available on the NL version. It was cheaper plus 2nd driver included. Pick up upon arrival at the airport exit is clear. Fast transport to the office (5 minutes away by shuttle bus). Car delivery is also fast, especially if you have bought everything. Devolution of the car the same, you are quickly dropped off at the airport. No hassle with extra insurances or additional charges. In short, the next time I book again with Malagacar.
From: Albert Oostra
Submitted: 05/11/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)

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