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4.6 out of 5.0 based on 1866 reviews.

I have been renting cars at Malagacar several years now, about three times a year and I have been coming back since. New cars, friendly staff and smooth service. Highly recommended.
From: Redouane Chakir
Submitted: 25/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Perfect! Excellent service, car and handling. And good rate. Tip: make a information board in arrival hall where to find shuttle bus.
From: Joris Zwart
Submitted: 24/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
It's the best place to buy a car. They are very good quality with discounts. It's a bargain.
From: José Amós García Gomez
Submitted: 22/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Hired 7 times a year for last 5 years always have new cars and never any problems, would highly recommend Malagacar
From: Michael Jones
Submitted: 17/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Good afternoon. How do I get entitled to the permanaent 20% discount program. I rent cars very regularly with Average 2 times a month. With kind regards, Henk Dimmendaal answer:

Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. When you visit, on the left menu you can log in. Your id is "hidden" and your password is "hidden".
From: Henk Dimmendaal
Submitted: 16/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Have used Malagacar for many years and never had a problem.
From: Chris Child
Submitted: 16/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Just booked a Clio for 6 weeks. The cars are in very good condition and the delivery is very fast. Friendly staff. Otto from Switzerland.
From: Otto Pohl
Submitted: 14/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Great service - easy and fast service - nice cars and extremely good rates answer:

Dear Lars, thanks for your review.

From: Lars Priemé
Submitted: 11/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
I have been a customer for nearly 8 years, and I have good experience with malagacar. Except last car I rented, which I had to change. But I have one question. Why is the day rate much lower when I rent the car for one week and not for four weeks. It should have been opposite?
From: Helge Skorpen
Submitted: 09/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Have been using for a few years. Excellent service and the full pack rate gives me peace of mind. Don't bother looking around anymore, I just book with
From: Albert Cox
Submitted: 07/02/2020
Rating: (5 out of 5)

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