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We had a car for 2 weeks of Malagacar. We've never had such a hassle free rental. Thanks for everything. We continue renting with Malagacar and recommend you to our friends. Kind regards
From: Andreas Korn
Submitted: 29/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
have used the company several times but last week when I was told the excess insurance was no longer 7euros/day it is now 14euros/day. so I didn't take it and was told the deposit, which was 200euros, now costs 1000euros. as the credit card I gave them did not allow a withdrawal of 1000euros it looked like I was forced to buy the additional insurance! using another card I deposited the 1000euros and hope it will be repaid early next week.
From: Brian Hedley
Submitted: 28/06/2015
Rating: (4 out of 5)
This is without doubt the best car hire company. Excellent treat, new clean cars and both the pick up as the return are very good. I hire with Malagacar since 2012 and will be doing so if they keep up the good work.
From: Juan Miguel Cruz
Submitted: 27/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Faultless. Having read the reviews I was a bit nervous but I shouldn't have been. I saw people ahead of me in the short queue who obviously hadn't read the terms, silly mistake. Booked car at the old insurance price structure and that was what I paid. Express fuel option made return VERY simple and works well if you are going to use at least a half tank. Also because we had a spare seat their driver jumped in and took us to departures on our return. Mobile WiFi only €4 per day, makes navigation so easy on a tablet or phone. The full insurance option has jumped in price but compare the FULL cost and then decide. Even if you are a very confident driver never assume your car won't get damaged by someone else, so if you want peace of mind take the full package and be able to drop off care-free with no outstanding deposit on your card.
From: Dean Mcelfatrick
Submitted: 25/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
This was our third time using and once again faultless. We were in a car within 25 minutes of landing. It was new,clean and at a great price. The return also was quick with no feeling of tension on the condition and courteous staff. We will be booking again soon.
From: Brendan Howell
Submitted: 24/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
In these days of disingenuous, opportunistic car hire firms, I cannot imagine a better car hire company than

Their business plan is obviously to take advantage of the unscrupulous competition by providing a first class, honest service. Gone are the tortuous micro-examinations of the vehicle Before and after the hire period where you end up too scared to even sit in the damn thing. I have found them to be a relaxed, friendly team and the car was in good condition. The whole operation ran smoothly. Thank you ladies & gentlemen at for restoring my faith in car hire in Spain
From: Mike Garvin
Submitted: 20/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Have used malagacar for a couple of years. Very reasonable. But unfortunately this year will be using another company. As the extra insurance to cover locks,wheels,tyres and underbody has risen by 200% from 56Euros to 168Euros in one years. Unless you check the small print you'll be in for a nasty little surprise when collecting the vehicle, on top of what you've been quoted as the cheapest price in Malaga. You can be declining the extra insurance, but then they'll just take 800Euros from your credit card as security instead. That you will loose if you happen to damage a tyre. Funny how they don't publicise this on the main advert.. Please check for youself as its all true not slanderous just the truth.

Response by

Dear Mr. Bunker,

Last year you rented a car for 14 days for 310 € and this year for 15 days the price should be 300 € so this year the rental prices are cheaper but there is an insurances excess. In case you find a better quote we will be pleased to study it.

J. Alberto Anglada
From: Geoff Bunker
Submitted: 15/06/2015
Rating: (2 out of 5)
Have used Malagacarhire for the last 5 years but will seriously be thinking whether to use them again.This time my paperwork said Seat Ibiza or Opel Corsa but was given a Fiat Punto with many faults the central locking on key did not work there was no parcel shelf in boot which meant you could not leave anything in the boot the interior light did not work and when I wanted to use the windscreen washers the next day the bottle was empty which shows that this car was not checked from the last hirer to when we hired it also the bodywork was in a very poor condition with dents and scratches all over we were not impressed.A great shame.
From: William John Tamlyn
Submitted: 15/06/2015
Rating: (1 out of 5)
I have used MalagaCar the last 12 years and they are FANTASTIC. Excellent service very friendly and never had a problem, I work in the UK and Malaga and always rent from them.
Go with them.
From: Fadi Nahab
Submitted: 14/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Excellent service and cars in perfect condition, we were lucky that there was no queue and it took us 5 mins to get our car, the return of the car was even quicker. Friendly staff and perfect prices. Malagacar is the car rental company you should use
From: Mohamad Shaker
Submitted: 13/06/2015
Rating: (5 out of 5)

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