Route of Modern Architecture

Here we will include the architectures, from the thirties to the current day that comprise Modernism. A different architectural path was started at the time, between the world wars, when the vanguardist art movement began. A new architecture was born. It recovered the spatiality that was forgotten since the Baroque period, but with greater concern for the relationship between the requirements that should be met and methods used to meet them. Methods that employed new materials and new construction techniques. The architects in charge of the task were young and principally taught by the School of Madrid. The importance, which said school, gave to drawing and to imaging was reflected in their works. The permanent influence of the German magazines, in the early diffusion of rationalism, was particularly noticeable.

The social necessities of those years lead to the construction of many public buildings, which provided the means of practicing the new architecture. The routes are centred on these buildings and propose visits to the Universities of Cordoba, Seville, and Almeria, the hospitals in Linares and Cordoba, and the bus stations in Seville and Almeria…

There were also proposals for new townships, in historically unpopulated areas, such as the cases of Esquivel in Seville, and Miraelrío in Jaen. At the same time, the development of tourism, in Malaga and Cadiz, led to the construction of luxurious developments like Sotogrande, as well as Hotels and apartment buildings.

The creation of the Seville School of Architecture, during the sixties, marked the beginning of the Andalusian architectural production. Architecture is understood as the necessity of accumulating knowledge, reflecting on history, and using memory as a material. They set aside the search for type conformance, which was the basis for the project, on the interpretation of the site, and on construction materials. These principles lead to buildings of the School of Exact Sciences, the Santa Justa Station in Seville, the expansion of the Provincial Museum of Cadiz, and the Almeria Music Conservatory.

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