Route of the Marshlands

ITINERARY: Isla Canela - Ayamonte - Isla Cristina - La Antilla - El Terrón - Lepe - Cartaya - El Rompido - Laguna del Portil - Punta Umbría - Aljaraque - Los Corrales - El Espigón - La Rábida - Mazagón - Torre de la Higuera - El Rocío.

On the coast of Huelva interesting formations are alternated with marshlands and wetlands of all kinds. The marshlands formed at the mouths of the rivers present different characteristics but are all landscapes of wide open spaces with great wealth of plant life thanks to existence of water, light and nutrients in optimal quantities. This means that the marshlands are able to support large bird populations, ideed these wet areas are the most important habitat for European and African migrating birds.

The route begins at Isla Canela, in the Marshlands of Guadiana and Carreras with different landscapes. Then on to the marshlands of the River Piedras and the arrowhead of Rompido, where the plant life is that characteristic of sandy areas and which on the approach to the marshlands changes gradually to adapt to the salinity of these lands. This arrangement of the river mouth with its marshlands bordered by a belt of sand running parallel to the coast is repeated as far as the mouth of the Guadalquivir. The jetty of Huelva is a manmade formation which one can view coastal dynamics and observe marine bird life. From there, taking the road from Mazagón to Torre de la Higuera, sandy cliffs come into sight covered with dunes which have been cut off from the beach forming a spectacular landscape. Pushing on to El Rocío, the two Doñana National Park infomartion centres, El Acebuche and El Acebrón, offer an insight into the park's different ecosystems; from El Acebrón, an outing may be mede on foot through a forest tunnel formed by cork oaks over the river.

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