Route of Central Sierra Morena

ITINERARY: Posadas - Hornachuelos - San Calixto - Las Navas - Constantina - Cerro del Hierro - San Nicolás del Puerto - Alanís - Guadalcanal - Cazalla de la Sierra.

These areas, like the rest of Sierra Morena, are characterized by their striking relief rather that by their altitude. Here we are moving through relatively sparsely populated areas, the most part given over to the reforestation with pines and eucalyptus trees, stock farms on holm and cork oak pasturelands and hunting preserves. The fisrt stretch up to Las Navas passes through the Hornachuelos mountains, with the River Bembezar and other rivers and reservoirs such as those of the Bembezar and the Reortillo, with abundant riparian vegetation, willows and ashtrees. The woods, sometimes extremly dense, are made up of holm and gall oaks and stone pines. Deer and wild boars abound alongside other endagered mammal species, such as the linx. The bird life is equally abundant with golden and imperial eagles, and different types of vultures.

Leaving Las Navas, the scenery is that of extraordinary holm and cork oak pasturelands which are part of the Sierra Norte Nature Park. Certain spots are worth to mention such as the source of the River Riberia del Huéznar in San Nicolás del Puerto which boasts a forest tunnel, and the old mines of Cerro del Hierro.

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