Antequera gastronomy

The gastronomy is one of the main Antequera attractions for tourists. In our region, the gastronomy comes determined by geography, the products that are harvested in the 'Vega' valley (with predominance of cereals, vegetables and olive oil). One of the most popular recipes is the 'porra', that is elaborated fundamentally with bread, oil, garlic, tomatos and peppers. Other typical dishes are: 'ajoblanco', 'pimenton', 'gazpachuelo', 'migas' and some salads, like the thistles one. The most representative dishes are:

Porra antequerana - recipes of Antequera, malaga

Porra antequerana

4 cloves garlic
1 kg of stale bread
¼ cup of olive oil
1 and a half kilogrames of ripe tomatoes

How to cook it:

- Cut the bread into small pieces.
- Boil the tomatoes in water for 5 minutes and peel them. Then move the tomatoes to a bowl with cold water.
- Put sliced garlic and the rest of ingredients in a bowl, mash together until it holds together as you add olive oil gradually.
- Cold down in the refrigerator and serve it.

Bienmesabe - recipes of Antequera, malaga


1 kg of sugar
12 eggs
1 kg of (ground) toasted almonds
¼ kg of sponge cakes
½ kg of cider jam
Ground sugar

How to cook it:
- Prepare the sponge cake with a fine layer of cider jam.
- Make a syrup with the sugar.
- Make a mass with 3 full eggs, 9 egg yolks and the beaten almonds.
- Mix both the syrup and the mass and put them into the fire for 2 minutes.
- Extend the mass on the sponge cake.
- Cover the result with ground cinnamon and let it rest for 1 day.

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