Antequera Surrounding villages

If you've ever wondered whether it's worth renting a car in Malaga, exploring the villages of the Antequera region might be enough to get you started. White villageIf Antequera may be hailed as an architecturally beautiful town, no less may be said of many of the villages in the surrounding area.

If you only arrived in Antequera by train, you would miss a large part of the area and visiting the major monuments in Antequera would require good planning with public transport. Having a car in Malaga will allow you to discover Antequera and the surrounding villages without any problems.

Below are some of the towns surrounding Antequera, with a road route link to get there by car from this municipality. In case you want to go from Malaga, then please check the guide link provided with each of the towns where we will also tell you about the history and the tourist attractions on each town.

Getting to Archidona

Well worth a visit. Archidona, a white village with steep streets and a typical, well-preserved old quarter offers its magnificent 18th century Ocahavada Square, its parish churches and convents, without forgetting the Sanctuary of the Patron Saint, Virgen de Gracia.

Archidona is only 20 minutes by car from Antequera, so it is well worth a visit to get to know a little more of this town. Check this map for the road route from Antequera to Archidona.


In the direction of Ronda is Campillos, with its austerely beautiful Town Hall, and churches such as San Benito and Santa María. You can learn more about Campillos in out travel guide, where we talk about ths history of the municipality and essential things to do.

Campillos is 30 minutes by car from Antequera, a quick trip that could take up to 2 hours by public transport. If you want to discover this town and you are in Antequera check this map to know the road route from Antequera to Campillos.


Alora is another town steeped in history in the Guadalorce valley. Sprawled over the hills, enhancing its beauty, the village offers the remains of the walls and fortified towers, churches such as Vera Cruz and in particular, La Encarnación.

Alora is known for its beautiful landscapes and its gastronomy. A multitude of places to eat the typical dishes of the region await us, we invite you to read our guide to Alora for more information.

From Antequera it will take around 1 hour by car to get to Alora, but if using public transport it will take up to 3 hours. Check this map with the road route from Antequera to Alora.


ArdalesArdales, in the proximity of The Chorro, is another lively village of the Sierra, in the surroundings of which are the ruins of the mythical Bobastro, capital of the ephemeral Kingdom of Omar ben Hasfum, bastion of resistance to the caliphate of Cordoba... The spa town of Carratraca is also nearby.

There are many things to do in Ardales, but we have a dedicated page to this town. Check the link to Ardales for more information about this town.

Only 43 minutes from Antequera by car and with no direct route by public transport. Check this map to see the road route from Antequera to Ardales.

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