The Maro Cliffs, Nerja

maro beachesThis area is part of a natural park and it’s a spectacular natural environment to visit, from where one can even spot the African coast on a clear day.

Maro is situated in the municipality of Nerja, and it’s a place of a great tourist attraction, where we’ll find one of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol that you simply must pay a visit.

From the Maro cliffs you’ll enjoy some spectacular views that also include the watchtower built during the 16th century to defend the coast from the pirates.

The Maro Cliffs are divided into various sections that we’ll detail here below. As an important note, we recommend no to leave anything visible or valuable in the car.

The Maro cliff cove

This area is situated on the way to Nerja-Almeria and can be reached via the old national road. To get down the cliff by car, a 4x4 is highly recommended as this road is not in very good conditions, if you don’t have this type of vehicle you can always park at the top and go down walking.

La Caleta

La Caleta in Maro is a sandy beach of great natural beauty which is accessed from the Nerja Cave crossroad to Maro.


The Maro beach is very big and easily accessible. The square from where it is accessed has very little capacity for parking.

The Maro tower

Along the coast of Malaga there are a great amount of towers that were built with the aim of defending the coasts from the pirates or the attempts of a Reconquista by the Arabs that were expelled in the past. This tower offers an environment that we recommend to discover on a walk to enjoy the great beauty that surrounds it.

Paper Mill

In the olden days there was a paper factory here, reason for the name of this beach which is quite large with fine sand. On this beach we’l find the mouth of the river La Miel and the stream of Los Colmenarejos.

To get to the Paper Mill beach one must turn off near the kilometre 298 of the N-340 (the one that borders the coast).

Las Alberquillas

A very large beach that is part of extension of the Paper Mill beach. A natural beach where we’ll be able to enjoy the good weather and its moderate waves.

The Pine Coves

These isolated coves have a low occupation level, the same as the others, and a great natural beauty. This beach is mainly made up of gravel and is separated from the adjacent beaches by rocks that have fallen off the cliffs, although one can pass from one cove to another without any problems.

El Cañuelo Cove

There is a bus that reaches this beach every 10 minutes in summer and has two beach bars. It’s mainly made up of gravel and has a low level of occupation.

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