Gaitanes Cliffs

Also known as Garganta de El Chorro. Located 50km northwest of Málaga, the Guadalhorce river has sliced through limestone to create a spectacular gorge. Its 4km length has sheer walls towering up to 400m in places, while its width is only 10m wide at certain points.

It also is famous for its walkway, the Path of the King, a stomach-churning route through the gorge, which runs for 7km from the Salto del Chorro to the Salto del Gaitanejo. It was built between in the first five years of the 20th century as part of the hydroelectric plan that involved the construction of the Guadalhorce Reservoir just north of the Chorro. The Path of the King was named after a visit to the Chorro in 1921 by the then king, King Alfonso XIII, to inaugurate the reservoir. Today, however, the path has severely deteriorated and it is dangerous to even attempt to walk along it. The area is a popular spot with climbers and the reservoir is a good place for swimming and a picnic.


Aleppo pines, wild olive trees, junipers and holm oaks are the main trees with an undergrowth of rosemary, rock roses, dwarf fan palms, thyme and lentisk. Closer to the river are rushes, reeds, tamarisk, oleander, poplar, willow and eucalyptus trees.


Here nest Egyptian vultures, Bonelli's, golden eagles, common kestrels, peregrines and griffon vulture. We can also find red-billed choughs, crag martins, blue rock thrushes, crested tits and numerous swifts in spring and summer.
Spanish ibex inhabit the more inaccessible parts of the gorge.

How to get

From Malaga, take the A357 to Ardales, from where the MA444 goes to El Chorro. Villages nearby are Álora, Ardales, El Chorro and Valle de Abdalajís.

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