Granada Painting and Sculpture

The Cathedral of Granada is likewise the home of several works of art. Among these, we find the work of Alonso Cano, such as the Life of the Virgin (1625) in the main chapel, his carving of the Immaculate Conception (1655-56) in the Vestry, or the Virgin of Bethlehem (1664) in the Cathedral museum. Here is also what is left of the collection of paintings of Queen Isabella - that included personal belongings, jewels, banners and relics - with works by Dierik Bouts, Van der Veyden, Hans Memling, Botticelli, Perugino, Berruguete and other anonymous Hispano-Flemish painters. Lastly the tombs of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand by Domenico Fancelli (1514-17), carved in Genoa and installed in 1522, and the tomb of their daughter Joanna the Mad of Castile and of her husband Philippe le Bel, by Bartolomé Ordóñez (1519), a prodigy of techinque.

The Fine Arts Museum houses the Burial of Christ by Jacobo Florentino "El Indaco"; this is one of the chief masterpieces of Spanish sculpture in the Renaissance, a key work synthesizing the Spanish and Italians elements. The Thistle by Fray Juan Sanchéz Cotán (first quarter of the 17th c.) is in the tradition of baroque asceticism, is also to be found in the museum. A visit to the Carthusian monastery gives us the chance to see St.Bruno by José de Mora (17th c.), a small ivory-like carving by the best school of Granada, to be found in the sumptuous vestry.

There are likewise paintings by Bocanegra, Sánchez Cotán and the impressive carvings of St. John the Baptist and the Penitent Magdalene by Duque Cornerjo. The outstanding painting of the Adoration of the Eucharist by Juan de Sevilla (1685), of great scenographic effect, is seen in the church of La Magdalena and the church of Santa Ana has a carving of S. Pantaleon by José de Mora (end 17th c.).

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