Huelva Painting and Sculpture

At Huelva in La Punta del Sebo, stands the Monument to Columbus by Whitney, a large statue of very modern constructive and hermetic lines, given to the American sculptress and millionairess; it is placed facing La Rábida on the confluence of the Tinto and Odiel rivers.

The 14th century figure of the Virigin of the Miracles, also known as the patron of the Americas, is to be seen in the monastery of Santa María de la Rábida at Palos de la Frontera; it is a lovely small carving in alabaster, of the Virgin with the child Jesus in her arms, it has naturalistic features, but with Gothic strokes. Also in the monastery, there are the medieval murals in the church and lower cloister, from the beginning of the 15th century. It is an interesting series of paintings in earth coloured tones, of Gothic leaves, bows, heraldry and battlements.

The Miral of the Discovery are also worth mentioning, by Vázquez Díaz. An extraordinary Tartessos Jar in bronze, with a deer's and horse's head, and the ornaments of a carriage, with a feline head on the hubcap may be seen at the Museum in Huelva.

The Apocalipse is the subject of eight paintings in the high altar at the monastery of Santa Clara in Moguer (1635-40); their design is from the school of Martínez Montañés and they were painted by his disciple Jerónimo Velázquez.

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