Cadiz Painting and Sculpure

The traveller who goes to the ancient city of Cádiz can see first class paintings and sculpture. Among the former, there are three paintings by Francisco de Goya with religious theme, which is not frequent in this painter: the Miracle of the Fish and the Loaves, the Invitation of the Head of the Family and the Last Supper (Oratorio de la Santa Cueva, El Rosario parish). However, the main attraction are the Francisco de Zurbarán paintings (1638-39), painted for the high altar of the Carthusian monastery in Jeres. There is still a series of paintings on canvas and on wood from the original order, of exceptional quality, considered among the best of his production (Cádiz Museum).

Lastly, also in the Cádiz Museum, there is the Holy Family by Rubens (17th c.) a small painting on copper of surprising value. Under sculpture, we have the outstanding carvings by Luisa Roldán: her Ecce Homo (1684) is a work of intense baroque dramatism in the Cathedral museum. The Antropoid Sarcophagi (470 - 400 BC) are unique in the Mediterranean (Archaeological Museum). The masculin sarcophagus appeared in 1887 and a century later, the femenine one of similar characteristics was discovered. Archaeologists relate them to a funerary tradition from Egypt and to the trade of Gades with cities of the eastern Mediterranean.

There are two remarkable altarpieces in the province of Cadiz: the high altar of the church of San Pedro at Arcos de la Frontera, by Hernando de Esturmio (1539) whose long list of works clearly shows the influence of Flemish mannersits of Andalusian art in the mid-16th century. The other is the high altar of the church of San Miguel in Jerez de la Frontera, by Martínez Montañés (1617-1643) corresponding to his best period.

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