Cordoba Painting and Sculpture

In Cordova there are three pieces of sculputure of the first order, for their artistic, as well as historical value. The Iberian Lion of Nueva Carteya, that belonged to a funerary monument, is one of the most beautiful examples of Iberian art (Archaeological Museum); the Madinat Azahara Fawn (10th century) is a unique figure of an animal, of very elegant proportions, in bronze related to Fatimid art in Egypt (Archaeological Museum), and the 3rd century AD Paleochristian Sarcophagus in the Alcázar of the Christian Kings.

The Last Supper (Cathedral) by Pablo de Céspedes (1595) is a very remarkable painting, full of strength and vigour by a key painterof Andalusian Romanticism. The Collection of drawings an Calvary in the Prision or of the Inquisition by Antonio del Castillo (1649), work of the greatest intensity in baroque painting at Cordova, in the Fine Arts Museum, by this artist of great capacity, careful of synthetic form.

Among many other around the province, there is the Fountain of the King by Remigio del Mármol (1802) in Priego, a curious and unfrequent old-world composition; Christ Tied to a Column by Pedro Roldán (1675), an excellent baroque carving in the church of Santiago at Lucena and a remarkable 17th century figure of Christ in carved poluchrome wood, in the church of Guadalupe at Baena.

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