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Baza is the largest municipality of Granada, known for its sulphurous waters and its Natural Park of Sierra de Baza with a fairly high average altitude.

With a Mediterranean continental climate, Baza is a perfect place to enjoy the sights and natural tours of its mountain ranges.

About Baza

Although the name is given by the Romans, Baza was already inhabited in the Iberian period, then capital of Bastetania and known as Basti. After the Muslim conquest, the city was known as Medina Batza.


Baza is a town with great historical heritage located near the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza, with peaks reaching up to 2270 meters height.

Some of the places you can visit in Baza are:

- Baza Archaeological Museum located in the old Town Hall

- Interpretation Centre of archaeological sites
This centre is located in the hill Cerro Cepero is the perfect place to learn more about the origin of Baza and its past through 3D videos and virtual reality.

- Roman Iberian City Basti
The ancient city of Baza located on Cerro Cepero and where was found the famous Dama de Baza, a great example of Iberian funerary statue, of which can be seen a reproduction in the Archaeological Museum.

- Alcazaba de Baza
A great stronghold in the past but currently only some remains of its walls are preserved and is presently undergoing restoration.

- Arab bathsBaza tourism
Located beneath a house, the baths have been declared National Monument and are among the few that were saved from Christian fundamentalism who thought they were brothels and places of perdition.

- Cave houses
These rock-cut dwellings have the particularity to keep the same temperature throughout the year.

A visit to Baza may include sampling it´s delicious cuisine: among the dishes from Baza we highlight:

- Gachas tortas
- Gurupina (flour, cod, potatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms)
- Testuz (beans, sausage, pig's ear and potatoes among other ingredients) - Gurullos (with partridge or rabbit)
- Migas serranas

Do not forget to try the sausages and Serrano ham of Baza which have a high quality and the unique taste of the highlands.

How to get to Baza from Malaga

The road route from Malaga to Baza is on the A-92 towards Granada. Passing by Loja, Granada and Guadix, bordering the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza you´ll get to the town in just over 2 hours.

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