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This province of Andalusia in the south of Spain is known for its tourist importance throughout the year with destinations like Sierra Nevada with its famous ski resort during the winter and the towns of Motril and Almuñecar during the summer, as well as various monuments and an environment of great importance.

About Granada

The oldest remains found in the Granada show human presence from mid-seventh century before our common age.

The famous ancient Arabian kingdom of Granada covered much of southern Andalucia; a reign that lasted until the Christian conquest of Al-Andalus between the years 1482 and 1492, after which the province of Granada was reduced to the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Malaga.

The conquest by the Christian armies led to the flight of King Boabdil and the excessive desire to eliminate the old religion led to the demolition or conversion into churches of most of the mosques; Arab cemeteries were removed and founded religious buildings; Granada became a major city under construction, a transformation caused by religious beliefs and from which were saved a few settlements like the Albaicin.


With Mediterranean climate on the coast and mountain climate in the interior, Granada is one of the main tourist destinations in Andalusia throughout the year; tourism that is not only interested in its excellent and varied climate but its artistic and monumental heritage, its cultural legacy fruit of his past and the existence of one of the largest ski resorts in Europe.

Among the monuments and interesting places in Granada we highlight:

Alhambra and Generalife
An Andalusian citadel that represents all the power which once had the Nasrid dynasty and for a visit you have to order the tickets from the official website. This citadel housed the former king of Granada and his court; a monument of great artistic beauty in a natural environment that annually receives over 2 million visitors.

XI century Arab Baths
Under a private house of Christian origin are situated the so-called Baños del Buñuelo, one of the few places that were saved from the destruction of the Christians, because for them the Arab baths were considered brothels and places of perdition.

Visiting hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Sierra Nevada
32 km from Granada city and in the Natural Park Sierra Nevada is situated an excellent resort for skiing and other winter sports.

Carrera del Darro y Plaza Nueva
One of the nicest places in Granada next to the river Darro and very close to the oldest square in the city.

Walking around this place you can also enjoy the rich cuisine of Granada in one of the bars; if there is something outstanding in Granada besides the monuments, it is famous cuisine and tapas.

How to get to Granada from Malaga

The road route to Granada is very easy and you just have to take the A-45 until you reach the A-92, which will take you directly to the capital of the province of Granada, after passing by villages like Casabermeja and Villanueva del Trabuco.

If you need a rental car at Malaga airport on arrival or a taxi from Malaga to Granada please consult our prices.

In the map below you can see the route from Malaga to Granada.

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