Manilva Beaches

Manilva is one of those places where you can feel the peaceful atmosphere, where you can enjoy your holidays without all the commotion you get in the other more popular destinations on the Costa del Sol; and due to its proximity to Marbella and Puerto Banus, it’s a very recommendable option, although an owned or hired vehicle is more than recommendable to travel around.

In Manilva, it’s worth highlighting the following beaches:

La Chullera beach

Torre Chullera

This beach, surrounded by several coves, has clean crystal-clear waters and is ideal for those who prefer to escape far away from the large crowds of the inner city. It’s also a natural and nudist beach.

Access to La Chullera beach is not easy, which makes it a kind of private paradise. It has showers, rubbish bins, beach bars to eat and drink, sunbeds to hire and public toilets.

Las Arenas beach, El Governador (the governor), Paraiso (Paradise) beach

A cove-shaped beach near La Duquesa in Manilva. It can be easily accessed on foot and has showers, sunbeds to hire and rubbish bins.

El Negro Beach

This beach is located in the Duquesa port. It has parking, showers, jet-ski rental, etc. It extends from the beach before, better known as the “Sardine cove”.

Los Toros (the bulls) beach

This beach is also situated in La Duquesa and can be accessed easily. It’s a long beach of scenic interest with sand that’s mainly made up of gravel. The name of ‘Los Toros’ (the bulls) was given to this beach because in the past this was a place where the cattle used to pass through on their way to Estepona.

Generally, the occupation level of this beach is in a middle point, not too high, not too low.

La Duquesa / El castillo (the castle) beach

La Duquesa beach

This beach is situated next to La Duquesa port and it’s almost a kilometre long. It has a children’s playground and a volleyball net. As you’re right by the port, you can go for a stroll and visit this wonderful harbour.

This beach has a volcanic origin and the quality of the water is excellent. It has a cleaning service and red cross, as well as offering showers, rubbish bins and changing rooms. There are also beach bars where we can sit down and enjoy a delicious plate of fried fish, which is very typical on the coast.

To get to La Duquesa beach by car, when you’re on the N-340 and you reach the crossroads between Manilva and Sabinillas, at the first roundabout turn left towards the seafront.

Sabinillas beach

Situated very near La Duquesa, it has all the necessary services for a beach, as well a water sports area when you can also hire a jetski.

Highly recommendable for anyone looking to enjoy a great day on the beach.

It extends from Cala de la Sardina to the stream of Alcorrin. Until recently the old practice of sardine fishing called Almadrabas was practiced here.

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