Gastronomy in Manilva

Manilva's cuisine is a blend of flavours based on the Mediterranean diet, foods combined over the centuries that have given way to a balanced, nutritious and very tasty diet.

In Manilva we'll be able to enjoy autochthonous dishes like the tomato soup, asparagus soup, clam soup and the famous 'Gazpachuelo', which is a traditional style hot mayonnaise soup.

We can highlight a few more typical dishes in Manilva:

  • Gazpacho: With olive oil, sour orange, bread and salt. It's a cold soup made with tomato and bread, but in Manilva's style.
  • Coles (Cabbage): A stew made with cabbage, chickpeas and pieces of pork.
  • Golden Thistle stew with chickpeas.
  • Marinated meat.
  • 'Macerada' of several different spices and vinegar.

Amongst the traditional salads that we'll find in Manilva, we must highlight the 'Pipirrana', a salad made up of tomatoes, onions, peppers and cucumber, dressed in olive oil, salt and vinegar. It can also be served with slices of octopus or dry salty cod. This salad can be found throughout the whole province.

  • Stewed potatoes with skate.
  • Rice with fish.
  • Noodle soup with clams.
  • Cuttlefish stew with chickpeas.
  • 'Emblanco' (fish soup) with fresh fish.
  • Cod omelette.
  • Fresh anchovies, either pickled or in vinegar.
  • Typical fried fish from Malaga.
  • Sardines on the spit by the sea.

In Manilva we must also mention the wine that accompanies the dishes of the region very well. Malaga's typical tapas offer the chance to taste Manilva's culinary art with small portions of varied dishes.

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