Typical food in the Malaga Mountains

Montes de Malaga is the perfect place to taste the typical flavours of the region, comprising the municipalities of Casabermeja, Colmenar and Malaga, where not only will we enjoy a good meal but also the natural environment and the views that that its height above sea level provides (1031 in its highest peak).

If you rent a car in Malaga, you have benefits and going to eat to special places and enjoy the most typical gastronomy at very cheap prices is one of them. Eating beside the sea is fantastic without a doubt, but trying the typical dishes from the interior villages of our province and the Malaga Mountains area is a must, specially when having a vehicle.

Typical dishes

Below we will recommend the best typical dishes from our province and restaurants or ins where you can ask for them.

Olla de era

This dish, locally known as Berzas malagueñas, is made with two types of cabbages and chickpeas, and is typical of Andalusia and Malaga. In the olden days the preparation of this dish began the day before and was elaborated in a pot where they would boil the chickpeas, the veal, half a chicken, a bone, mature marbling (meat fat), chorizo (red Spanish spicy sausage), morcilla (black sausage or black pudding) and a leg or tail of pork. Later on, after removing the fat, they would add the vegetables like the pumpkin, carrots, beans and cabbages.

La berza Malagueña is a very recommended dish and has an exquisite flavour.

Migas Cortijeras

A recipe that in the olden days was relegated to the poor workers after spending a whole day working on the lands in the country house. It’s made with rustic style bread, chorizo, meat fat and garlic, everything fried up until it starts turning into a golden sort of colour.

Roasted kid leg (succulent young goat)

Usually seasoned with laurel and thyme and roasted with vegetables.

Typical dish of Malaga Mountains

The most typical dish is made up of pork products, that tends to be loin in lard, with a couple of eggs and chips, everything served in a large platter. It can also have chorizo and a couple of garlics in the olive oil.

Remember that you must ask for "Plato de los Montes" when visiting a typical venta (inn) in the Malaga Mountains area.

Plato de los Montes
Photo by Jonathan Pincas.

Other typical dishes

Other typical dishes are the snails, the roasted suckling piglet, the stuffed sirloin, roasted shoulder of baby lamb, comfit of cod or the porridge.

Eating in Casabermeja

An old red castle from the period of Arab dominion gave its name to this municipality of the province of Malaga. A municipality that is situated in the region of Antequera and where we can enjoy the well-known ‘Dish of the Mountains’ amongst other typical dishes that we have listed below:

  • Rabbit in Garlic
  • 'Pepitoria' style Kid
  • Village stews and soups
  • Lamb in sauce

Lagar de Pepe

This rural restaurant is specialised in Roasted Kid Shoulder and Oxtail.

Address: Ctra.Casabermeja-Villa-nueva de la Concepción, km 3,2.
Tel. 952758296.

1 Fork Restaurant
Opening hours: 9-17 and 20-23.
Closed: Tuesdays, 24th and 31st of December
Capacity: 180 people, it has 6 rooms as a rural hotel.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/LdzQ3P4cKiWwnfZ98

Restaurant Mesón El Corte

This restaurant also has a shop of typical products and specialises in baby lamb and comfit of cod with a cream of red peppers.

It’s also a rural hotel with 21 rooms.

Address: A-45 motorway, Turnoff 150.
Tel: 952 75 84 29
1 Fork Restaurant
Opening hours: Open 24h.
Closed: Saturdays, 24th, 25th and 31st of December, and the 1st of January
Capacity for 225 people.

Map: https://g.page/hotel-elcorte?share

Mesón La Posada

Speciality in typical dishes of the region like the chicken and rabbit in garlic and the well-known Dish of the Mountains. It also has 8 rooms for the guests to stay.

Address: Calle Real, 5
Tel: 952 75 82 29
Opening hours: 13-17 Not open at night
Closed: 24th, 25th, 31st of December and 1st of January. In summer, on Sundays. Capacity: 120 people

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/xFZAqgAH9ti2Nx7B8

Eating in Colmenar and its proximities

This old municipality in the province of Malaga is rich in customs and traditions. Colmenar has a rich autochthonous cuisine based on its own resources with common typical dishes and others exclusively from the municipality:

  • Plato de los Montes (Typical dish from the area)
  • Migas (Fried Bread Crumbs)
  • Chickpea Stew
  • Snails
  • Gazpachuelo
  • Porra
  • Homemade 'Mosto' (grape juice)
  • Bee Honey

Restaurant Hotel Hum aina

This restaurant specialises in Ham in Mountain Wine, mushrooms and ‘Humaina’ style eggs. It’s situated in the heart of the Malaga Mountains natural park on the road to Colmenar.

Address: Malaga Mountains natural park, Colmenar road, s/n
Tel: 951551247
Restaurant and 3 star Hotel with 12 rooms
Opening hours: Open 24 hours

Map: https://g.page/HotelHumaina?share

Restaurant Casa Belén

Specialised in Snails, Tripe and Stews. Situated on the outside of the Colmenar village.

Address: Camino de Málaga, 107.
Tel: 952 73 00 31
Restaurant and 2 star Hotel with 11 rooms
Opening hours: 9 to 12
Closed: Tuesdays from lunchtime onwards
Capacity: 80 people

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/UxDTYBvSUH5sRQFQ7

La Casona de los Moriscos

A restaurant built from an old manor house that collects stories of bandits in the past. The speciality in this restaurant is the truffle sirloin, loin in sauce and the 'Migas'.

Address: Ctra.Antigua Málaga-Granada, km. 530.
Tel: 952730145
Opening hours:7:30 to 23:00
Closed: Mondays
Capacity: 82 people

The Malaga Mountains (Montes de Malaga) is a place of great beauty where we can enjoy the region’s most typical food, with the same flavours as in the past we’ll find a wide variety of dishes to try. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/tfpHY3agpyhTrqpw5

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