Street Map of Cadiz

Street Map of Cadiz

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1.- Cádiz City Walls
2.- Church of Santo Domingo
3.- Tobacco Factory
4.- Church of Sanata María
5.- Royal Prision
6.- The People's Quarter
7.- Church of Santa Cruz
8.- Toen Hall. Elizabethan Neoclassical
9.- Las Cadenas House
10.- Cathedral
11.- Church of Santiago
12.- Church of San Agusín
13.- Church of El Rosario
14.- Oratory of the Sainted Grotto
15.-Provincial Deputation

16.- Church of San Francisco
17.- House of Mora
18.- Church of San Antonio
19.- Church of the Carmen
20.- Military Gobernment
21.- House of Fragela
22.- Great Theatre Falla
23.- Oratory of San Felipe Neri
24.- Tavira Tower
25.- Church of San Lorenzo
26.- Hospital of Women
27.- Church of La Pastora
28.- Castle of Santa Catalina
29.- Castle of San Sebastián
30.- Monument to Liberal Assembly

city map of cadiz

Strolling through Cadiz

If you visit Cadiz, nothing better than walking through the streets, the streets of the oldest city in the West, founded 1100 years Before Common Era by the Phoenicians. This cosmopolitan city has monuments and places that we enjoy strolling through the streets.

Cadiz Cathedral is one of the representative elements of the city which can be viewed from the sea.

The Neighbourhood of El Populo is the oldest of Cadiz and retains even today 3 gates from medieval times, a Roman theatre and an ancient Christian church. Very near the town hall, when visiting this area, you can enjoy fried fish in the square.

At Plaza Mina is located the Museum of Cadiz that features Phoenician sarcophagi. If you fancy Tapas, Zorrilla Street is the place you should not miss, a street that leads to the lookout over the sea and from where you can take a walk to get to the Port of Cadiz.

When walking along the promenade of Cadiz, you´ll feel like walking along the Malecon in Havana; its similarity is caused by the incessant movement of journeys between Cadiz and the New World.

There is much to discover in Cadiz, if you want to know more you can visit our city guide or take a look at the map above which details some important places in the city.

Cadiz in Google Maps

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