Black Friday Malaga 2021 – Shopping and Christmas lights

It seems incredible that Black Friday arrived in Malaga only a decade ago. But as with another tradition imported from the United States such as Halloween, the people of Malaga love it and take advantage of the huge sales offer to do their Christmas shopping.

But this day of discounts is not the only reason why it is interesting to walk through the streets of downtown, as this November 26, 2021 also coincides with the inauguration of the Christmas Lights in Larios street, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

But first, a word of warning, if crowds of people are not your thing, don’t go. The centre of Malaga is always very crowded, but this particular day the streets are packed. The streets, shops, bars and cafés and public transport.

If you’re physically and mentally ready to take on this challenge, there’s nothing left to do but immerse yourself in the masses and enjoy your shopping and the Christmas lights.

Here are some valuable tips to turn your Black Friday in Malaga into a beautiful experience.

How to get to downtown?

Whichever option you prefer, arm yourself with patience and nerves of steel. The best thing is to go with a lot of time and assimilate from the beginning that crowds everywhere will be inevitable.

Going by public transport

Public transport is especially interesting if you come from the municipalities of the Costa del Sol that have a connection with Malaga by means of the suburban train Cercanías C1 (Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Torremolinos).

The train leaves you conveniently in the centre and you don’t have any stress with traffic jams, looking for parking etc. You only have to bear in mind that the last train to Fuengirola leaves from Malaga Centro Alameda at 11:30 pm.

Going by car

If you prefer to go by car or come from farther away, an interesting option may also be to park in the car park of the Plaza Mayor shopping centre and take the Cercanías C1 from there.

If you have decided to travel to the centre of Malaga by car, it would be best to park in one of the central car parks. Car hire in Malaga.

Where to replenish forces

Going shopping is an arduous task and you have to recharge your batteries!

Enjoy Churros and Chocolate

Treating yourself to some freshly made Churros (sweet fritters) and hot Chocolate is an authentic delicacy in the best Churrerías in the centre.

Eating Tapas

Eating Tapas in different Bars “on the move” is a good option if you don’t want to waste too much time, but you do want to try the delicious and varied Tapas in Malaga.

Have a drink in a Roof top Terrace


Have a drink on the roof top terrace of the Hotel AC Malaga Palacio or the Room Mate Larios Hotel.  There are some magnificent roof top terraces in Malaga where you can watch from above the hustle and bustle while having a coffee or a drink.

The centric Hotel AC Malaga Palacio is located next to the Paseo del Parque and has magnificent views over the city and the port.

The Hotel Room Mate Larios is located in the heart of all the action, directly in Larios street.

It’s worth a try, although many times in the afternoon they’re already at full capacity, especially when it’s getting closer to the time of the inauguration of the Christmas Lights.

You can also take a look at our full article on the Best Roof Top Terraces in Malaga.

Take a stroll along Pier One

Walking along Pier One can be an interesting alternative for those who shy away from the claustrophobic agglomeration of hundreds and thousands of people in the narrow streets of the historic centre.

About 10 minutes’ walk from Calle Larios is located Pier One, a large and beautiful showcase to the sea with a good assortment of restaurants and shops, along with a Christmas market where you can find many handicrafts or gourmet products.

Lighting of the Christmas Lights

And last not least, one of the most anticipated events of the whole year in Malaga: The inauguration of the Christmas lights in Larios street, scheduled for 7 pm.

Everything you need to know.

If you want to have a good perspective of the show and get a good spot, we recommend you arrive at least half an hour before, have gone to the toilet before and had something to eat and drink so as not to faint.

We´re not exaggerating. Because the number of people watching this show is such that literally not even a pin can fit. The traffic in the Alameda is also usually cut off due to the massive influx. And once the show is over, you can imagine the time it takes for all these masses to dissolve again, that is, you can hardly walk. We also discourage personally coming with baby carts and please leave your dog at home, you do it a favour.

And now, enjoy the shopping and lively atmosphere in the centre of Malaga!

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