The Chestnut Forests of Genal Valley

valle Genal
In the region of Serrania de Ronda we can discover another gem of the province of Malaga, the beautiful Genal Valley.

One of the most pristine places in the province hidden inland which is reached after many meandering curves along country roads, flatters the visitor with the crystal clear waters of the river Genal and large ancient forests. If you are planning to visit this place, I would suggest you read the post on regarding how to survive in the wilderness, as you most definitely will need it.

The river Genal originates in the village Igualeja, a small white village mainly devoted to the cultivation of chestnut, among which is outstanding the Pilonga variety, one of the best chestnuts in the international market.

Who during this month visits the villages Jubrique, Pujera and Igualeja can enjoy first-hand how the whole village is involved in the collection of such popular fruit and buy on site chestnuts and typical products.

And of course long walks through colourful chestnut forests and enjoy a fun day collecting thousands of chestnuts found everywhere at every step.

This emerald gem houses a total of 16 white villages of Arab origin and has a special microclimate and abundant rainfall which has led to a variety of flora and a unique and singular landscape.

Whether you like hiking or you just fancy discovering the area and rich local cuisine, we invite you to visit this natural paradise, its villages and its people.

Villages of Alto Genal: Igualeja, Pujerra, Parauta, Cartajima, Juzcar, Farajan and Alpandeire
Villages of Bajo Genal: Atajate, Benadalid, Benalauria, Algatocin, Benarraba, Gaucin, Jubrique and Genalguacil

Pueblos del Valle del Genal
Villages of the Genal Valley
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