The best Inns in the Mountains of Malaga

A few kilometres away from the bustling Costa del Sol, you can find authentic treasures of traditional Andalusian cuisine, the Inns in the mountains of Malaga.

What is a Venta (Inn)?

Ventas have existed since the Middle Ages. Traditionally they were inns that were located next to the road, where strangers stopped to eat and where they left their horses in the stables of the place and spent the night to continue their journey.

Today’s Ventas, although they no longer have stables, continue to emanate a typicality deeply rooted in Andalusian culture for one main reason: its very tasty and typical home cooking at popular prices.

If you fancy an excursion in the mountains of Malaga combined with a tasty gastronomic stop, don’t miss the best inns in the mountains of Malaga!

Typical food at Inns in Malaga

venta Los Tres Cincos
Inn Los Tres Cincos

The dishes, both in the Montes de Málaga and in the other mountainous regions of the province, are characterised above all by their copiosity, that is to say, by what the inhabitants of these areas have been eating for centuries.

They are usually high-calorie meals designed for people who work in the fields.

Typical foods that you will find in the Inns of Malaga are meats, sausages, game, olive oil and vegetables and local sweet wine, goat cheese, stews, migas, grilled meats, rice dishes and croquettes, to name but a few.

Our mouths are already watering, and yours?

The Natural Park Montes de Málaga

Only 5 km from Malaga city we can enjoy a vast natural area of Mediterranean forest crossed by winding secondary roads, much loved by motorcyclists and cyclists.

Parque Natural Montes de Málaga
The mountains of Malaga in February with the almond trees in blossom, a pure delight.

The Montes de Málaga with their highest peak, the 1,030 m high Cresta de la Reina, are the great green lung of the city. Just a short distance from the city, it allows you to immerse yourself in nature, enjoying its flora, fauna and active tourism activities all year round.

The Natural Park has two recreational areas, “Torrijos” and “El Cerrado”, with tables, benches and barbecues, car parks and public toilets.

In the Natural Park there are more than 100 kilometres of forest tracks and lanes, some of which are closed to motor vehicles, but freely accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. There are four signposted trails:El Cerrado, Pocopán, Torrijos and Umbría de Contadoras.

The winding roads are very popular with both cyclists and motorcyclists. There are two marked cycle lanes.

For lovers of Motorbike Tours we have an article with the best Motorbike Tours in Malaga & Province.

The best Inns in the mountains of Malaga

Venta El Detalle

venta detalle Foto Alfonso zm
Photo Alfonso zm

It is one of the oldest Inns in the Montes de Malaga with stunning views and a fireplace. It has two dining rooms and an outside terrace.

This Inn has a varied menu with a choice of cheeses, cold meats, salads, porra, soups and spoon dishes, wild boar, oxtail, lamb, grilled meats, lomo en manteca (pork loin in lard) and fish. One of their specialities is migas (fried breadcrumbs).

They also sell local products such as bread, honey, sweets and sweet wine.

Venta Puerto Del Leon

Venta Puerto Del Leon
This venta is located at the top of the mountains of Malaga, a place with good homemade food: Migas, loin, stews, chorizo, black pudding, migas, homemade chips, rabbit with garlic or sirloin steak, as well as delicious homemade custard.

Please note that it is preferable to book, as the Inn is not very large.

Venta Los Tres Cincos

Venta Los Tres Cincos
The Inn Los Tres Cincos could be classified as the “gourmet” Inn among our favourites.

High quality meats such as pork brochette, beef entrecôte, beef sirloin steak. Or chicken croquettes, migas and tripe, delicious homemade desserts. There are options for celiacs.

The restaurant has easy parking and spacious dining rooms. There is an outdoor terrace and a children’s playground with a bouncy castle, which allows parents to enjoy a quiet after-meal.

Venta Cotrina

Migas con chorizo Credit Depositphotos
Migas with chorizo sausage Credit Depositphotos

You won’t stay hungry either at Venta Cotrina. Its menu offers a wide variety of rice dishes, croquettes, migas, ensaladilla rusa, Montes de los Montes dish, sirloin steak. Or lomo en manteca and its famous Migas, wood-fired bread and homemade dessert, to mention just a few.

The Inn has a large car park, several dining rooms and an outdoor terrace.

Venta El Túnel

Venta el tunel Photo Antonio LJGR
Photo Antonio LJGR

One of the most popular and typical Inns, with paper tablecloths, hustle and bustle and charisma.

Situated very close to the Limonero Reservoir and only 3.5 km from the Historical Botanical Garden La Concepción. Thus it´s an ideal place to eat after a visit to the Botanical Garden.

It has large dining rooms and a terrace.

The Inn is famous for its chicken rice, but don’t miss their Montes dish, lomo en manteca, entrecote and sirloin steak, croquettes, ensaladilla rusa or aubergines with sugar cane honey. Or try their Milhojas and cheesecake desserts.

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