Halal Friendly Tourism in Malaga

Halal Friendly tourism in Malaga is booming and many Arab tourists are attracted to spend especially the hot summer months in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Not only because of the great Arab legacy of Al-Andalus. It was probably King Fahd who re-established a close connection with the province.

Halal is just the food?

The term halal identifies a way of life. It is a set of practices that are permitted according to Sharia or Islamic law.

Therefore, it does not only refer to food, but also to hygiene, health, economy, fashion, trade or tourism.

Marbella and the Golden Years of King Fahd

Palacio del Rey Fahd en Marbella
King Fahd’s Palace in Marbella

During Marbella’s golden years, one of the favourite “elite tourists” who fell in love with the place was King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

For many years Marbella was his summer resort. He brought with him not only an entourage of several thousand people and a lot of “petrodollars”. He has a palace house built on the Golden Mile which is an exact replica of the White House. Next to it is a beautiful mosque.

The King was closely linked to this Malaga town, which became very fashionable among the Arab elite.

As a result, it is safe to say that Marbella is still the epicentre of wealthy Arab tourism today, and the town that is best prepared to receive this type of tourist.

But as we will see, along the Costa del Sol there are also hahal friendly hotels where you can enjoy a nice stay according to the Halal law.

Halal hotels in Malaga

As mentioned, to date, Marbella remains the best prepared town in Malaga to receive Halal tourists.

As such, Marbella is currently the only city with a Halal certified hotel.

Alanda Hotel Marbella

It is a renovated 5-star hotel with the best location in Marbella, situated on the Golden Mile.

The Alanda Hotel Marbella is the only Halal certified hotel in Malaga, located just a few metres from the beach and a few metres from the King Fahd Mosque.

The hotel offers a prayer mat, the rooms are marked with the direction of Mecca and it is possible to rent a specific room for prayer, as well as to request any other specific service.

Halal Friendly hotels in Malaga

Although these hotels are not purely halal, they nevertheless offer this service on request and are therefore a good alternative to enjoy a stay in other coastal towns in Malaga.

Vincci Malaga Hotel, Málaga 4*

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Gran Hotel Miramar GL 5*, Málaga

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Sallés Hotel Málaga centro 4*

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Petit Palace Plaza Málaga Hotel 4*

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Hotel Mainake, Velez-Málaga 4*

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Vincci Selection Aleysa 5*, Benalmádena

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

La Cala Resort 4*, Mijas

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Anfitrion Villas & Suites 4*, Marbella

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Iberostar Selection Coral Beach 4*, Marbella

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Hotel El Fuerte 5*, Marbella

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Melia Marbella Banus 4*

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Finca Cortesin Golf & Spa, Casares 5*

Halal food on request, alcohol-free room.

Mosques in Malaga & Costa del Sol

The mosques in Marbella, Malaga and Fuengirola were financed with capital from Saudi Arabia.

Al-Andalus Mosque, Malaga

Mezquita Malaga Foto SABA
Mosque of Malaga. Photo SABA

This Mosque is located a short distance from the centre of Malaga and is one of the largest mosques in Europe. The temple has 4,000 square meters and capacity for 1000 people.

It has two entrances, one for men and one for women. It also has a nursery, an auditorium for 200 people, three prayer rooms, an assembly hall, classrooms and a library.

In addition, among other services are also arabic language classes.

Mosque of Fuengirola

Mezquita Fuengirola Foto Leida Oliveira
Mosque of Fuengirola. Photo Leida Oliveira

The Mosque of Fuengirola is situated a few steps from the beach and very close to the river Fuengirola and the Sohail Castle, therefore, it is also known as the Suhail Mosque.

The Mosque is reserved for Islamic worship, therefore you can´t  visit it.

Mosque of Marbella

Mezquita Marbella
Mosque of Marbella.

The King Abdulaziz Mosque is one of the most beautiful attractions in Marbella. Built in 1981, it was one of the first mosques built in Spain since the Reconquest.

It has a capacity for over 800 people, with separate areas for men and women.

The Mosque also has a magnificent 225 square metre library with more than 30,000 books on Islam, Andalusian Arabic literature, history and civilisation from the time of the Caliphate of Córdoba.

Praying at Malaga airport

Malaga airport has a Multi-denominational oratory. You find it in the arrivals area in Terminal 3.

For access, please contact the Passenger Service Office: (+34) 952 048 837.

Halal Travel Guide Malaga

Malaga Halal Travel Guide Foto Halaltrip. Turismo Halal Friendly en Málaga
Malaga Halal Travel Guide Photo Halaltrip

Malaga presented this year 2024 at the Fitur (International Tourism Fair) the Halal Travel Guide. It is a tourist guide for Muslim travellers presenting Malaga as an attractive halal destination.

You find the guide at Halal Trip (one of the world’s leading operators for Muslim tourists).It features some of the most important monuments, museums, hotels and restaurants.

Flights from Arab countries to Malaga 2024

aeropuerto de Malaga
Terminal 3 at Malaga airport where Schengen flights check in and pass through security.

For the summer 2024 flight season, which lasts from March to October, the number of flights from Arab countries to Malaga is enormous.

  • Quatar Airways: Doha – Malaga

In April, May and October there will be three flights a week. In June and September there will be five flights a week.
Flights will increase in frequency during the high season on the Costa del Sol and there will be a daily flight during July and August.

  • Air SAUDIA: Riad & Jeddah – Malaga

The seasonal summer route to Malaga will operate from 16 July to 5 September. It will be a direct route operating from both Riyadh and Jeddah, four times a week.

  • Gulf Air: Bahrain – Malaga

Between 17 June and 28 September there will be three flights a week between the two cities.

  • Etihad Airways will offer flights to Malaga three times a week during the summer.

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