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The Mini came up in the 60’s in Britain, given the need to create a low-cost car, driven by the fuel shortage in the islands as a result of the crisis of Suarez. In those times sales of larger cars dropped and the British Motor Company manufactured this new model which became the most popular of those produced in Britain. Today, many people search for second hand Mini at a good price and we have some of them for sale.

Mini for sale in Malaga
Second hand Minis for sale in Malaga

About the Mini car

In 2000 the owner of the Mini changed to BMW and so did the internal life of this car. The actual vehicle is much more than it appears, as the new BMW MINI is not technically related to the old Mini. This is because BWM decided to invest in this car due high European standards for safety and pollution.

Today, the MINI is no longer a low-cost car, as it has become a sporty and spacious car with a powerful engine that also has the advantage of easy parking. The MINI thus continues to enjoy great popularity.

Many people decide to rent the Mini convertible, ideal to enjoy the good weather we have in Malaga. Mini is a very complete car, with a rounded technical section and that offers a pleasant experience to the driver. If you have a residence in Malaga and you come often, you can rent one and try it out. Ask us for availability and prices if you are after one of these models.

As we renew our fleet every year, you might be able to find the Second hand Mini you were looking for.

Mini interior

Mini models for sale

There are currently three MINI models for sale, two models MINI One Convertible and one MINI Cooper automatic. Since is committed to maintaining a high standard, the company continuously renews its fleet, giving rise to very interesting second-hand offers. Take a look at these offers for second hand cars in Malaga.

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