Loja to Montefrio Route - Technical Chart

We leave Loja, crossing the bridge thet passes over the Genil river and then turning right, following the sign that says: Huetor Tajar - Montefrío.

At the next junction, we continue to the right, along flat land towards La Esperanza neighbourhood, which we will pass near the "infiernos" (hell) of Loja.

We leave this oad by taking a right turn (km 77) along an earth trail which runs parallel to the Genil river, and crossing the fertile plain Huetor Tajar.

We reach the town and get through its outer streets, parallel to the river, until we leave the town on an earth trail which goes to Villanueva Mesía.

We cross the Arroyo Milanos and the fertile plain, full of asparagus plantations and typical riverside vegetation, until we reach Villanueva del Mesía. Going through the streets of the town, we cross the Villanueva del Tocón road, then we continue on the Calle Posito and Gran Capitan, to exit the town next to the Cruz del Visillo and immediately after, go down towards Vega de las Viñas.

We cross the Arroyo de los Pinares, next to Molino de Don Felipe, and then we continue through vegetable gardens, until the trail goes up a short but steep slope, towards Cortijo Leanes, where we turn right, and return to flat ground.

We enjoy the panoramic views of the plain's rich and flowering lands, irrigated by the Genil. On the other side of he river, we contemplate Cerro de la Mora was a permanent settlement from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages of all the people who lived along the banks of the river.

Once we reach Cortijo de Cerro Colorao, we continue to the left, going down o a large, leafy poplar groves, which take us along the river to the dam, that was built to take part of the Genil's water to the irrigation channels of the plains of Villanueva Mesía and Huetor tajar.

When we arrive at the crossing next to the dam, we take a left turn, ascending gently through olive groves, to cross a bridge over the Arroyo de Tocón and then to pass to Cortijo Turilla and wind up the trail to join a wide earth track with a good surface.

Along this track which goes upwards slightly, we reach the Tocón - Bracana road. From here we turn left and carefully cross the train tracks and then continue to the left towards Tocon.

We enter the town, passing Plaza de la Constitución, Calle Horno, Calle Nueva and Calle Perchel, and leave via an Herat track that joins the Tocon Montefrío road, next to a fountain in the shade of a comforting walnut tree.

Along the road we will reach the brigde that crosses the Arroyo de los Molinos. We will continue straight on, up Carril de Mairena To Lebrija, towards Cortijo de la Barandilla.

Once we have passed this cortijo, we turn to the left, going down Camino de las Ventas. After about 300 m we leave the asphalted road, taking a right turn of riverside trees.

Once again we join the asphalted road, and now along ground we cross the Arroyo Molinos, next to Cortijo de la Maquina, and then take an earth trail, which goes up next to the stream.

Arroyo (stream) de los Molinos is always on our right. The trail has occasional difficult stretches, and gradually enters between the walls of this sinuous and narrow valley, taking us from mill to mill (Cortijo de la Fabrica, Molino de Hierro, Molino del Pelao).

We reach a junction (km 33), where we continue going down to the right, to ford the Arroyo de Molinos. Straight after, we go up a hard, steep and stony slope. Once we have passé this, the trail heads down to Cortijo La Venta. We abandon the stream, crossing it over a small bridge, and then we go up a trail which is to our left.

Here we must confront a very difficult stretch, that continuously ascends hillocks among olive trees. We regain our strength once we reach the top of the ridge, and a little later we find a descent along an old and unknown trail, where we are spellbound by the beautiful view of Montefrío.

We enter the town, going down Calle San Cristobal and Calle Enrique Amat, which take us to the church "La Encarnación", in the centre of Montefrío.

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