Routes of the Carnivals


Each province in Andalucia celebrates its own Carnival, although the most popular one is the Carnival of Cadiz:

Carnival of Cadiz
It takes place in the city of Algeciras, just before Ash Wednesday in February. The tradition began in the late eighteenth century, commemorating the arrival of Lent with dances and costumes. During the 10 days of Carnival many events are held, including "chirigotas", krewes, choirs and quartets.

Carnival of Malaga
This carnival, held during February in the capital of the Costa del Sol, is gaining popularity year after year. It was banned in 1937 because of the Spanish Civil War and was restored over 40 years later (in 1978) by the folk club 'Peña Los Angeles' and its president Manuel Cortés Gallego.

Carnival of Seville
One of the most popular carnivals in Seville is La Rinconada, held in the first half of February. Its main attraction is the "Concurso de Agrupaciones Carnavalescas".

Carnival of Jaen
It's not as popular as in other Andalusian provinces, but you can also enjoy with their chorus, bands of street musicians, krewes and "Chirigotas".

Carnival of Almeria
Also held in February, bringing joy to the streets with funny "Chirigotas", bands of street musicians, krewes and parodies.

Carnival of Huelva
It is also known as "Carnaval Colombino" and it's held every February since the late XVIII century. As occurred with the carnival of Malaga, it was banned because of the war in 1936, being restored in 1983.

Carnival of Cordova
This tradition is held in the city of Cordoba some days before Lent since the 30th of October 1822. Every year, people take to the streets to participate in rides, parades and performances.

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