Survey: Holiday after Corona – How do you plan?
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Holiday after Corona: How do you plan?
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6 Responses to Survey: Holiday after Corona – How do you plan?

  1. Colin Hodcroft says:

    Will only travel if I feel it is safe to do so. Hoping to visit Spain in September.

  2. Lisa Stevenson says:

    We are so sad to be missing our holiday to the beautiful Malaga region this summer, but know it is safest all round. Have kept the same booking, but postponed until next June. If things allow, we will try to get out for a short break in October, we miss you all out there! Stay safe.xx

  3. Carol Crawford says:

    I would truly love to visit in September but I don’t think it is fair for us to travel as it is too early and you guys need time to adjust and make sure everyone is safe xx

    • Hi Carol, we hope other business can open again around August-September. But that depends on how the situation evolves. See you soon!


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