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Car hire in Malaga during the summer

Car hire Malaga Airport for the summer progresses apace, after 2010 which was a quite difficult year for car rental companies in Spain.

The difficult situation being experienced by some Arab countries is having a direct impact on tourism, with further influx of foreigners. An important part of our customers are foreigners who come to the Costa del Sol for holidays, a number that has increased due to the improvement of their economy.

Car hire in Malaga: Minivans and People carrier

Minivan hire Malaga

The choice of our car rental in Malaga depends on factors such as how many people we will be traveling with at our destination, what personal requirements are necessary, how much luggage must be carried or whether additional equipment is carried, such as golf clubs or surfboards.

End of Summer means Great Deals for Car Sales and Car Hire in Malaga

End of Summer in Malaga
Summer is over, but the good weather still prevails in the Costa del Sol.

Now more than ever is the time for good deals, especially in the car rental market. Car hire Malaga airport in November is over 20% cheaper than in August.

But that’s not all, car sales in Malaga also offers great bargains, as car rental companies sell their older models to renew its fleet