Accommodation in Mojacar

Mojacar is a city bathed by the Mediterranean, situated to the south of Almeria and with a strong historic influence both Muslim and Christian, it’s currently one of Almeria’s most popular tourist destinations where the visitors enjoy its beautiful beaches during the day and the numerous bars and discos at night.

One can find accommodation in Mojacar for all tastes, simple and cheap or luxurious depending on the visitor’s budget. Amongst the accommodation offer are the luxury 5 star hotels in Mojacar, an apartment to enjoy more intimacy or a cheap hostel to not spend too much money.

In the majority of the hotels we’ll have a restaurant with a menu for all tastes, with products from both the land and the sea, international dishes or traditional recipes from Almeria.


When it comes to deciding an accommodation, we have two options, the beach or the village.

Many couples choose an apartment in Mojacar, even those just married that choose Mojacar as their honeymoon destination go for an apartment instead of a hotel. One must bare in mind with an apartment rental that the price will increase considerably the nearer to the beach it is.

If we find ourselves in the old quarter we can enjoy the pleasant walks around steep streets decorated with flowers, typical of Andalusia.

If we don’t care about the proximity to the beach, we can find an accommodation in a natural area like in the Sierra de Cabrera or in the interior of Mojacar.

Recommended hotels to stay in

The following hotels are near the Mojacar beach:

Marina Golf Hotel ****
Marina de la Torre (Playa)   Tel.:34 950 02 87 00.

Marina Playa Hotel ****
Marina de la Torre (Playa)   Tel.:34 950 02 84 00.

Oasis Tropical Hotel ****
Marina de la Torre (Playa)   Tel.:34 950 39 70 00.

Parador de Turismo
Puerto Mediterráneo (Playa)  Tel.:34 950 47 82 50.

Continental Hotel ***
Puerto Mediterráneo (Playa)  Tel.:34 950 47 82 25.

Indalo Hotel ***
Puerto Mediterráneo, 1 (Playa)   Tel.:34 950 47 80 01.

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