Mojacar gastronomy

The visitor arriving for the first time in Mojacar are certainly amazed by the great gastronomic of the bars and restaurants. A wide offer for all tastes where we’ll be able enjoy both international and national dishes and of course typical Mojacar dishes too.

For dinner we’ll be able to find a great amount of restaurants, with terraces, spectacular views or more intimate and isolated places to enjoy not only the food but the location too.

Mojacar, in spite of being a fishing village, has always incorporated in its dishes the interior products from hunting or farmyard meats, as well as vegetables and pastas that in the olden days were elaborated by the women. The typical dishes in Mojacar have a countryside and Arab essence.

Some of the dishes that we can order if we want to try Almeria’s traditional cuisine are:

- ‘Gurullos’ A partridge or rabbit and vegetable stew made with a base of wheat flour dough, olive oil and water.

- ‘Guisos de Pelotas’ (Stew of Balls)

- ‘Caldo de Pimentón’ (Cayenne Broth)

- ‘Migas’ (Bread crumbs)

- Cous-Cous This Arab dish is product of our Andalusian past.

n Mojacar, its proximity to the sea provides it with fresh fish and seafood that we’ll be able to eat in any restaurant or beach bar (‘Chiringuito’):

- John Dory fish, which is usually served grilled

- ‘Espetones’, roasted sardines on the spit - Octopus to the vinaigrette

- Prawns from Garrucha

- Other very successful fish in Mojacar are the red mullets and the halibuts.

- Paellas de marisco

The gastronomy in Mojacar is a great tourist attraction, as well as its wines, of which Mojacar has a wide variety imported from areas like Laujar in the Almeria Alpujarras and Lucainena de las Torres.

Traditional recipes in Mojacar

  • Mojacar style soup

  • Mojacar style chicken

  • Country style ‘Migas’ (bread crumbs)

  • Seafood salad

Tapas y restaurants in Mojacar

Being typical Spanish, the tapas in Mojacar are a must. You cannot leave without trying those small tasty rations that are normally used before lunch, although if we have plenty of them they can even fill us up enough to skip lunch.

The tapa originated due to the necessity of the farmers to eat something during their day’s work, the glass or jug of wine was served covered by a slice of cheese or ham to avoid insects dropping in, from there the name of "tapa", as the Spanish verb ‘tapar’ means cover.

Currently the tapas in Almeria are more varied, and we can order almost anything in shape of a tapa at a very reasonable price and in some bars they even give the tapa for free with the drink.

Some restaurants with typical food from Almeria in the Mojacar and Garrucha area:

La Bola
Address: C/ Vista de los Ángeles, 1
Phone: 950478408

Torres Mesón
Specialities in grilled meats
Address: Ctra. Garrucha, s/n
Opening time: 7:00 to 23:00
Phone: 950478005

Delfin Dorado
Grilled fish and Garrucha prawns, speciality in grilled meat.
Address:Av. Mediterráneo, 423
Opening time: 8:00-24:00
Phone: 645220095

Los Gurullos
Speciality in ‘Gurullos’, snails, cabbage soup and grilled meats.
Address: Av. Andalucía, 14
Phone: 950615151

El Puntazo
Speciality in paellas.
Address: Av. Mediterráneo, 257
Opening times: 13:30-15:00 and 20:00 to 22:00
Phone: 950478265

Meson de Perico
Speciality in hunting meats
Opening times: 13:00-17:00 and 20:00 to 24:00 for dinners With a terrace

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