Roquetas Gastronomy

If you plan to visit Almeria and Roquetas de Mar, will come very useful this little guide about gastronomy in Roquetas de Mar, a place where plenty of fresh fish and seafood are the main culinary treasures that we can enjoy in one of its many restaurants.

The most popular dishes in Roquetas de Mar are rice and lobster. Typical dishes are fried fish stews and pasta; many of these dishes bear a strong Arab influence with many slightly spicy dishes.

Other popular dishes we recommend to any tourist visiting Roquetas de Mar in Almeria is Zarzuela, smoked fish stew with clams, lobster and squid, mussels and steamed clams. In Roquetas de Mar there are a variety of fish and seafood that will delight every lover of seafood.

Recommended restaurants in Roquetas de Mar

Among the restaurants in Roquetas you can visit one of the following:

- Adarra Taberna Selecta
950 32 98 72
Avenida del Reino de España 154-156, 04740, Roquetas de Mar, Almería

- Restaurante Tapas Bar La Tertulia
667 20 16 55
Pasaje Auditorio, 12, 04740 Roquetas de Mar, España

- Bar Restaurante La Gamba de Oro
950 33 32 25
Avenida del Mediterráneo, 04740 Roquetas de Mar, España

- Bodega Los Antonios
950 33 41 11
Avenida Playaserena, 04740 Roquetas de Mar, España

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