Warriors and Iberian Citadels Route

The Greeks knew the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast on the Iberian Peninsula as Iberians. These peoples flourished and prospered in our lands, coexisting with the Phoenicians who later arrived in the Mediterranean and were finally absorbed by the Romans.

The Iberian population of Andalusia was indigenous and came from the Neolithic period. During the Chalcolithic period, when societies became increasingly complex and advanced, the Iberian people emerged and managed to prosper and establish themselves in various territories. The presence of Iberian remains is particularly significant in Jaén, Granada and Córdoba.

Iberians in Jaén

In Jaen you can visit the museum where there are unique sculptures from the 6th century BF. In Linares there is another museum with objects found in the Iberian-Roman town of Castulo where you can still see the ancient walls of the city.


  • Castellar
  • Linares
  • Puente Tablas
  • Jaén
  • Porcuna

Iberians in Granada


  • Galera
  • Baza

Iberians in Córdoba


  • Baena
  • Cabra
  • Almedinilla

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