Roman Towns of Baetica Route


ITINERARY: Sevilla - Itálica - Mulva - Carmona - Ecija - Osuna.

The Romans left their indelible mark throughout Andalusia and it is in the province of Seville that the best remains of their magnificent towns can still be admired. The fertile fields and the Guadalquivir river made the massive production of olive oil possible and laso its export to Rome and the empire. The Archaeological Museum of Seville has the best collection of Roman objects in Spain specially from Italica. In Seville (Híspalis to the Romans), the columns in Mármoles street surprise us by their size and original situation.

Itálica near Santiponce, was founded in 206 BC by Scipio Africanus after defeating the Carthaginians at Ilipa. Bithplace of Trajan and Hadrian, there is a remarkable amphitheatre, theatre, baths and various dwellings with mosaics. Up the Guadalquivir - Beatis in Roman times, we pass Alcalá del Río - Ilipa Magna, on the way to there is a magnificent tmeple built on oriental type terraces, unique in the western Roman empire and which influences the layout of what it was in Roman times. On the way to Carmona, the Guadalquivir may be crossed by ferry at Alcolea as done of old. Carmona - Carmo to the Romans, has the Seville Gate, a Carthaginian fortification with Roman arches, similar to the Cordova Gate. There is also a hypogean necropolis and an amphitheatre and a small museum.

Two large towns of the fertile plains are worthy of note: Ecija - Roman Astigi and Osuna, known as Urso to the Romans where there are the remains of a necropolis, and both have museums.

Malaga Spain

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