Roman Towns of Baetica Route

The Romans were great builders and architects. They built roads, aqueducts, bridges, temples, amphitheaters, and other structures that still stand today. In this lesson, we will learn about the Roman towns of Andalusia in Spain.

The Ancient City of Cordoba

The city of Cordoba was founded by the Romans as a military outpost. It became an important trading center during the Middle Ages. Today, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The Ancient City of Seville

Seville is a beautiful city with a rich history. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times. During the Middle Ages, it was the capital of the Muslim kingdom of al-Andalus. After the Reconquista, it became part of the Kingdom of Castile.

The Romans left an indelible mark in Andalusia. In the province of Seville you can still admire the finest ruins of his magnificent city. The fertile fields and the Guadalquivir River made possible the large-scale production of olive oil and its export to Rome and the Empire. The Archaeological Museum of Seville has the best collection of Roman objects in Spain specially from Italica. In Seville (Híspalis to the Romans), the columns in Mármoles street surprise us by their size and original situation.

Itálica near Santiponce, was founded in 206 BC by Scipio Africanus after defeating the Carthaginians at Ilipa. Birthplace of Trajan and Hadrian, there is a remarkable amphitheater, a theatre, thermal baths and various mosaic dwellings. Going up the Guadalquivir - Beatis in Roman times, we pass Alcalá del Río - Ilipa Magna, on the way there are beautiful temples built on oriental style terraces, unique to the Western Roman Empire and influential arrangement of things in Rome. frequency. time. On the way to Carmona, the Guadalquivir can be crossed by boat at Alcolea as before. Carmona - Carmo to the Romans, with the gates of Seville, Carthaginian walls and Roman arches, like the gates of Cordoba. There is also a necropolis hypogeum and an amphitheater and a small museum.

Two large towns of the fertile plains are worthy of note: Ecija - Roman Astigi and Osuna, known as Urso to the Romans where there are the remains of a necropolis, and both have museums.

Itinerary in Seville

  • Seville
  • Itálica
  • Mulva
  • Carmona
  • Ecija
  • Osuna.

The Ancient City of Malaga

Roman Theatre in Malaga

Malaca (Malacca) was the name of the city of the Roman Republic that belonged to Hispania Ulterior, which was founded on the Phoenician settlement Malaka and is nowadays the city of Malaga.

Roman Malaga began after the conquest of the Romans under the rule of Carthage in 218 BC. Malaga did not resist and was able to reach an agreement with the Roman Empire and remain independent.

Numerous remains and monuments have been preserved from this period. Of special importance is the Roman Theatre located in the historic centre of the city, although there are many more and others that are being discovered from time to time.

The Ancient City of Ronda

Ronda was founded by the Romans as a military outpost. They named it "Ruda" meaning "fortified place". After the fall of Rome, Ronda became part of the Visigoth kingdom. During the Moorish invasion, Ronda fell into decline. It was later conquered by the Christians who renamed it "Ronda."

The Ancient City of Huelva

The city of Huelva is located in southwestern Spain. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The first inhabitants were nomadic tribes who lived in caves and rock shelters. Later, the Phoenicians settled there. The Romans arrived in 218 BC and established a fortification called Castra Regina (Queen's Fortress). The name of the town changed several times during the following centuries. The current name comes from the Arabic word "Hulvah," which means "the valley of the river Huerva."

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