A historic walk along Calle Larios at Christmas time

Dear readers and friends of MalagaCar.com, we are in Christmas time and the year is ending. Come with us for an enjoyable walk along the most famous street of Malaga, Calle Larios at Christmas time.


Malaga’s famous Calle Larios celebrated its 130th anniversary in August 2021.

Built by the Marquis de Larios, it was an urbanistic and architectural landmark at the time. Soon it become one of the best examples of 19th century urbanism in the world.

Another great milestone for today’s main shopping artery was the pedestrianisation of the street in 2001, which was certainly a great idea.

Here we can see before and after.

Old photo of Calle Larios at Christmas
Calle Larios at Christmas with unknown date
Calle Larios at Christmas in the 80s
Calle Larios at Christmas in the 80s.

Currently Calle Larios is one of the ten most expensive streets in the world.

It is the nerve centre of Malaga’s social life and the scene of numerous events, such as Easter Week, the Christmas lights, Carnival parades or the Larios Fashion Week with the longest open-air cat walk.

The Christmas lights have evolved over the years into a spectacular Christmas illumination. Nowadays, Malaga as a tourist reference and is currently one of the European cities with the most beautiful Christmas illumination.

Calle Larios at Christmas in 2021
Photo MalagaHoy

The installation of the Christmas lights in Calle Larios traditionally starts at the end of October. That gives rise to such unusual images as tourists walking around in short sleeves or people celebrating Halloween.

And this year we have even seen Easter processions under the Christmas lights. Anything is possible.

We are now in our third year with the “Christmas forest”. Probably one of the most fanciful and least Christmassy sets because of its colours and floral appearance. Nevertheless, it certainly looks spectacular when lit up.

Antonio Banderas inaugurating the lights in 2019

Did you know that…?

• Responsible for such luminous magnificence is the Cordoba based company Ximenez, founded in 1945. The company’s history goes back to a simple star that the founder made and installed at Christmas in his appliance shop.

This idea was such a success that the following year, the town council commissioned Jiménez to light the main street of Puente Genil. From there, it gradually spread to other municipalities.

The first major project carried out by Ximenez was in Estepona. Today the lights are installed in New York, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Malaga, Vigo, Barcelona, Brussels, Dubai, Bogota, Perth, Malabo, Mexico City, Denver, Milan, Oslo and London.

• The structure remains after Christmas and is used for carnival. The little angels are removed and masks are added in their place.

The day it snowed in Calle Larios. Last year we were able to enjoy a very different picture when it “snowed” in Malaga.

In fact, it was a half-hour hailstorm that dyed the streets white. It is very, very rare that it snows in Malaga as it did in that historic year 1954.

Many locals took advantage of the day to have fun in the snow

Are you coming to Malaga this Christmas?

Are you coming to Malaga this Christmas?
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