Phases of deconfinement of Covid-19 in Malaga

When can we go to the beach? Go shopping? Go to a restaurant? When do the beach bars open? When can we go dancing and have a drink on a terrace? The phases of deconfinement of Covid-19 in Malaga, at one glance!

We finally have some approximate dates to stick to. Of course, as long as the population complies with the established rules of social distancing and other recommendations.

Therefore, the following phases are estimates, as they depend on each province and the evolution of the data.

It is important to know that Phase 0 begins this Monday, May 4 and between each phase and the next there will be 2 weeks to evaluate the development of the regulation.

The transition is estimated to take about eight weeks, i.e. the situation is expected to return to normal by the end of June.

Remember that remains open! If you can’t go to the airport to pick up your car, we’ll bring it to you! All the news in our continuously updated Blog.

Phases of deconfinement of Covid-19 in Malaga

fases of deconfinement Malaga

Phase 0 – 4 May  to 17 May

From Monday, May 4th it is allowed, once a day and maximum one kilometre from home:

+ For sport and walks, between 6 am and 10 am and 8 pm and 11 pm
+ From 10 am to 12 pm, people over 70 years old and dependent persons can go out for walks during this time.
+ Children under 14 years of age may go out from 12 to 7 pm accompanied by an adult, parent or authorized responsible person.

• To do sport individually. Beaches: Sports (walking and Paddle surfing, swimming) are permitted but taking a dip and sunbathing are not allowed.

– Opening of small premises by appointment for individual attention of clients, to take food home.

Many people enjoying a walk at dawn on the first day of de-confinement in Malaga

Phase 1 – 18 May to 31 May

– Social activities, such as home meetings, are allowed, although the conditions are yet to be determined.

– Small businesses can open

– The terraces can be opened (occupancy up to 30%).

– Opening of hotels and tourist accommodation excluding common areas.

– Places of worship will have a 30% limitation.

– Average training in professional leagues.

– Non-professional sports: for activities that do not involve physical contact or use of changing rooms.

– Open-air markets, with conditions of distance between stands.

– Cultural shows for less than 30 people indoors (with a third of the capacity) and for less than 200 people outdoors.

– Visits to museums are limited to one third of the capacity.

– Wakes are only for a limited number of people.

Phase 2 – 1 June to 7 June

Covid Malaga Phase 2

– Trips to second homes, only if they are in the same province.

– Cinemas and theatres can open with a third of the capacity. Monuments and exhibition halls may be visited.

– Cultural activities are allowed with less than 50 people seated. If they are in the open air, less than 400 people can be seated.

– Educational centres are open (tutoring, care for children under six and Selectivity).

– Re-opening of shopping centres, with a ban on staying in the common areas or recreational zones.

– Weddings are allowed for a limited number of attendees.

Here we include the changes in obligations for phase 2, which have been relaxed a little in the last few days.

– The meeting limit of ten people has been extended to a maximum of 15.

– There are no longer time restrictions for going out for walks and sports, except for the time slots between 10 am and 12 pm and 7 pm and 8 pm, which are reserved for the over-70s.

– Groups of up to 20 people can go sightseeing in the countryside by appointment (The Caminito del Rey reopens).

– Restaurants can serve at indoor tables or prepare takeaway meals, always with a guarantee of separation and limited capacity.

–  The recreational pools are open to the public with a capacity limited to 30%, by appointment and with schedules in shifts.

– Each municipality will decide the measures on the beaches, referring to capacity.


Phase 3 – 8 June to 21 June

Covid Mlaaga Phase 3

Travel between provinces within the same Autonomous Community is now permitted.

In restaurants will be reduced seating restrictions, but with strict separation between the public.

– General mobility will be made more flexible.

– The occupation of spaces, such as shops, will be increased to 50% of their capacity.

– Nightclubs and bars with a maximum capacity of one third of the usual.

Opening of beaches in safe and distant conditions.

Start of the new normality by the end of June

Travel between provinces is permitted and safety and social distance standards are still maintained.

One of the questions that many of our foreign friends ask is:

When do the borders open, when can we catch a flight?

Last flights at Malaga airport before lockdown

This is a fact we do not yet know, as it will depend on the data in the coming weeks. It is likely that air traffic will resume as soon as there is a Europe-wide agreement on the opening of internal borders.

The Spanish airport operator Aena plans to recover air traffic in three phases, starting with domestic flights, then routes with European Union (EU) countries and then connections to other countries.

To ensure the protection of passengers will be the management of queues, the disinfection of terminals, the provision of masks, gloves and disinfectant gels, control of the capacity of shops and restaurants and distances between passengers, have added the sources.

We’ll keep you posted!

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Holiday after Corona: How do you plan?
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40 Responses to Phases of deconfinement of Covid-19 in Malaga

  1. Mr Ruud Muhring says:

    Hy everyone of Malagacar !! Unfortunately we had to cancel our holiday for 12th of may because Transavia cancelled her flight because of the corona virus. We always take a rent a car at For already years!. Now we wait for the flight scedule of may 2020. And of course we come again to you for our rent a car. Always good service and you are a very friendly company. Wish Malagacar a good tourist season. And take care !!

  2. Geraldine says:

    Hope we are allowed to fly to malaga on 12th July for 2 weeks. Will book car as soon as flight is confirmed.

  3. DERMOT MURPHY says:

    hi we were lucky that we were in nerja early march and left before the lockdown, we had to cancel our may trip and moved that to end of august. we still are hoping to travel on July 5th but waiting to see that our airline will fly to Malaga, if so we will travel. Looking forward to getting back, and as always collect our car from Malaga Car, hope all are well and stay safe

    • Hi Dermot,

      We hope you can get your flight on July 5th. Officially we don’t know yet, but it’s almost sure that flights to Malaga will be available at the end of June.


  4. Jos willems says:

    Hy malagacar
    Ik wil al zeker iedere bedanken voor de vele jaren dat we op u fantastische service kunnen rekenen
    En zullen zeker zo snel als kan naar ons tweede verblijf komen En op u rekenen.
    Gr en blijf gezond aan iedereen die ons zo vriendelijk help

  5. My wife Lindsey and I Rodney Webb unfortunately had to cancel our intended April thru May trip BUT are hopeful of being back in Sitio de CalaHonda in September thru October 2020.
    Best Wishes and take care to all staff and Management of
    Regards To all: –

  6. Karen Elwell says:

    We were hoping to see you in June but alas it wasn’t to be. I don’t think we will get over to our second home until next year now!

    • Hi Karen, it seems incoming flights will return around July. We will keep you updated, maybe we can meet again in 2020!


  7. Colin fellowes says:

    Hi Malagacar, we have accommodation booked for November but, as we are in the vulnerable category, I suspect we will leave our next visit until January 2021. We’ll see you then. Good luck to all at your company.

  8. Jamie says:

    Still hope to get out in September fingers crossed,until then stay safe.

  9. Cecilie says:

    We will come as soon as possible! Miss your lovely country

  10. Cristina says:

    Thank you for this update. Will be there as soon as they open the airports, phase 3.

  11. Geoff says:

    Great to hear from Malagacar from a long standing customer in the UK. Hope to get back to Spain and Benalmadena Pueblo some time in October 20, if not, June 2021
    Keep in touch Malagacar,
    Buenos Dias,

  12. Adam Wiltshire says:

    Hopefully we can get out of S.E Asia and get home to Spain by the middle of September

  13. Joe Duff-Smith says:

    So far it is looking good for our visit to Spain beginning on 8th July! Woo-hoo! Looking forward to collecting my car at and heading for the Alpujarras!

  14. warren says:

    Phase 1 you have said “Non-professional sports: for activities that do not involve physical contact or use of changing rooms.” Does that mean I can go running at anytime ?

    • warren says:

      I have answered my own question after further research “It is still mandatory to respect the same time slots that currently exist for these activities.” :-(. . Maybe a jog to a bar 🙂

    • That’s right Warren. On the other hand, you can now play tennis, paddle and other related sports. 😉

    • Hi Warren,

      Sorry, the same schedule applies to running/cycling in the streets: only between 6 am and 10 am and 8 pm and 11 pm.

      That phrase refers to tennis and similar sports that don’t require contact (in closed courts, tracks, etc.).


  15. Erik says:

    Our plan is to come to Malaga for 2 weeks at the start of September. Hope to see you then. Do you think it will be possible to come?

    • Hi Erik,

      If everything goes as planned, national flights should be restarted in July, and European flights in August. But it isn’t confirmed yet. We will keep you updated when we have more information.


  16. Spencer Petherick says:

    Hope very much to travel to Malaga in October, miss Spain and the Spanish people so much!

  17. adam chafe says:

    Let me know when we can return “home” We are missing Spain. The sooner we can return the better.
    Keep safe everyone.

  18. Dave says:

    Do you think Christmas lights will be on in Malaga this year with a with a very large gathering

    • Hi Dave, good question! If concerts and sporting events aren’t expected until 2021, I would say the lights won’t be on this year.

      We will keep you posted as the date approaches.


  19. Philip Huxley says:

    We have accommodation booked for early October but have not booked flights yet. We look forward to seeing you all at Malagacar then.

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