Málaga deconfinement – Permitted car journeys

We will keep you up to date on what can and cannot be done by car at every stage of deconfinement in Malaga.


Málaga deconfinement – Permitted car journeys

Phase 0

Although Malaga has not passed this week to phase 1 as expected and desired, however, the government has introduced a novelty that also includes since last Monday the provinces that are still in phase 0:

In private and complementary private transport of persons in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, as can travel many persons as the vehicle has seats, provided that they all reside in the same home. In this case, it will not be necessary to wear a mask.

This is the main novelty this week for the province of Malaga, which otherwise will have to continue to comply with the other obligations of phase 0  and therefore the use of the car is still limited for a smaller number of activities and many of them must be done individually.

Here we can also add another question that arose many times regarding the distances that can be covered by doing sport and going for a walk:

While walking you cannot go more than 1 km away from your residence, by bicycle you can travel all over the municipality. Please note that it is not possible to leave the municipality at this stage. On a personal note, I have never seen so many people on bicycles as in these days, a healthy habit that I hope will continue after Covid.

Phase 1

Hopefully, with a little luck, next week Malaga will also enter phase 1. Regarding car journeys, in phase 1 the freedom of movement is established so that the car can be used to go to hotels, terraces and markets, shops or a second residence within the same province.

Malagacar.com phases deconfinement Malaga
In phase 1 you can already visit family and friends within the province. Photo courtesy of our client.

From this point on, the private vehicle can be used to visit family and friends. Travel is restricted to the same province.

Private transport in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver:

o if all the people travelling are from the same family, they can occupy all the seats and can go without a mask.

o if the people travelling do not live together at the same address, two people will have to go for each row of seats and with a mask.

o On motorcycles, mopeds and L category vehicles in general, two people may travel with full-face helmets with visors, or use masks or live in the same address. The use of gloves is mandatory for both. Learner’s motorcycle permit holders are not allowed to have passengers and are only allowed to ride from a half hour before sunrise until a half hour after sunset. To obtain a newly licensed license, the applicant must have a learner motorcycle license, and pass an advanced skills test.


We would like to remind you that MalagaCar.com is open, for those customers who can travel, or who are already in Malaga and need a vehicle.

Phase 2

As the permission for travel to second homes within the same province, which was originally planned for phase two, has been anticipated, further changes may be made at a later date.

At this stage, larger groups will be allowed to meet and shopping centres, restaurants, cinemas, theatres will be opened with limited capacity. Travel by car outside the province is not allowed.

We will extend the information about this phase as the dates get closer, as we have to wait 2 weeks between each phase.

Phase 3

Assuming that the restrictions remain in place, it will not be permitted to leave the province in Phase 3 either. In this phase the beaches, discos and night bars are opened, but with a maximum capacity of one third of the usual.

We will extend the information about this phase as the dates get closer, as we have to wait 2 weeks between each phase.

Start of the new normality by the end of June

We will have to wait until the end of June, if the health indicators are optimal and correct, to be able to travel by car between provinces.

Holidays in Malaga, what will it be like after Covid?

Soon, in our new article!

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