Wave of Melillero – A strange local phenomenon of Malaga


During the summer days you can observe in Malaga a phenomenon that is always repeated at the same time.

A small “tsunami” suddenly invades the beaches of Malaga and catches by surprise those bathers unaware of this phenomenon who are lying at first beach line just a few meters from the sea.

What is this strange phenomenon that has drenched more than one and has occasionally taken mobile devices and other prized possessions?

Eastern Costa del Sol: Routes in the Axarquia

  • Posted on September 17, 2014
  • Reading time: 8 minutes

sedella_axarquiaWe always encourage our customers to venture a little “Inland”, to get away from the bustle of the Costa del Sol and discover first-hand why Malaga is a natural paradise:

Natural Parks, untouched nature, charming white villages ahead a few miles from the coast. As for instance the Axarquia, a little known gem of the Costa del Sol.

Covering an area of two Natural Parks and the highest peak of the province, in full tourist boom the Axarquia, dotted with Moorish white villages, has retained its charm and history, perhaps because of its particular and beautiful terrain.

Saving fuel driving with efficient motoring tips

As the cost of fuel has increased, more and more drivers are looking at ways of cutting the costs of their everyday motoring – even with their holiday hire car. In a recent post, we looked at ways you can increase your fuel efficiency by making small changes to your driving style. Here we explore a few other ways you can keep fuel costs down by making your car a little more efficient.

Fair fuel prices at MalagaCar.com and all about fuel policies

  • Posted on June 28, 2013
  • Reading time: 4 minutes

Car hire fuel policies are still a contentious issue in Spain. A recent Which? Travel report likens the practice to that of the ‘hidden charges’ used by a number of budget airlines, where the final cost can come as quite a shock to the customer. So which fuel policies should you avoid with car hire in Malaga, and why is malagacar.com so different?