Brandy, in spite of taxes, remains the Spaniard's favourite tipple. Nearly all the brandy drunk in Spain comes from Andalusia and within it, the brandy that comes under the Regulatory Council of Jerez brandy. Besides Cádiz, brandy is also produced in Málaga, Huelva and Cordova.

Wine eaux-de-vie have been produced in the Jerez area since the 16th c. used for fortyfying wines, never for human consumption. Distilled wine formed part of the area's production of alcohol. By the 18th c. however, they had acquired considerable prestige and were widely traded. Old butts that had held wine were used for storing and transporting these eaux-de-vie and not long after, the advantages of this practice that resulted in brandy, were evident.

Jerez Brandy: Three towns are entilted to produce brandy under that name, Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa María, where brandies are now produced under the supervision of the Regulatory Council. There are three classes of brandy: "Solera", "Solera Reserva" and "Gran Reserva Solera".

Cordoban Brandy: Only two towns in the province of Cordova devote themselves to the production of brandy. Rute, cradle of anisettes, and Montilla.

Other Andalusian Brandies: There is a brandy producing "bodega" in La Palma del Condado, in the province of Huelva and a very well known Andalusian brandy is produced in Málaga by one of the largest distilleries at present in Andalusia.

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