Wines from El Condado de Huelva

The best wines from the County of Huelva are the "Condado Viejo", oxidation wines processed by the "solera" system (in which only ine third of the sherry in a cask is drawn off at time and passed to a different cask to age further) which tends to provide a richness of bouquet and taste comparable with the "olorosos" of the rest of the area. The "Condado Pálido" wines are produced in the same fashion as their neighbours in Jerez, though they are of a deeper colour and have more body. For connaisseurs of young wines, Huelva offers a good variety of agreeable young white wines that provide a good accompaniment for the area's sea food.

The varieties of grape authorized by the Regulatory Council of Condado de Huelva's Designation of Origin are Zalema, Palomino, Moscatel and Garrido Fino. The wine producing area lies to the south-east of the province. A tour of the wines of Huelva could begin in Almonte and include Beas, Bollullos Par del Condado, Bonares, Chucena, Hinojos, La Palma del Condado, Lucena del Puerto, Manzanilla, Moguer, Niebla, Palos de la Frontera, Rociana del Condado, San Juan del Puerto, Trigueros, Villalba del Alcor and Villarrasa.

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