Paleo-Christian Basilica in Marbella

This Visigoth basilica is situated in San Pedro de Alcantara and was excavated in the early 20th century, discovered whilst planting eucalyptus trees. The only things that has remained until our days are the walls of up to a metre high and are a clear example of Paleo-Christian architecture from the 6th century, the remains found are exhibited in Museums in Marbella, Malaga and Madrid.

The basilica of ‘Vega del Mar’, as the basilica of Marbella is also known, is situated upon the roman road that previously existed and that went from Cartagena to Cadiz, near the roman thermal baths.

The entrances to this basilica were situated to the north and to the south, where they found remains of the porticos. The presence of tombs from different periods reaching back to the 7th century, indicate the long use that has been made of this building, or at least of its necropolis.

The construction of this basilica is poor, not comparable to the ones built during the future centuries. The presence of tombs and coins from previous centuries suggest the existence of a previous edification.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that the Paleo-Christian was the original Christianity, with the presence of different branches, from which they mainly maintained the Arianism that would later on gradually disappear due to political and religious interests as from decisions made in the Council of Nicea and other subsequent councils like the Council of Constantinople in the year 381.

Tourist information about the basilica

If you wish to visit the ruins of the basilica, you will find the following information quite useful:

Information Telephone number: 952 287 850

To visit the ruins you must ask permission in the tourist offices of San Pedro de Alcantara and Marbella.

GPS coordinates: 36º 28' 19,07"N 4º 59' 24,84"W

How to get to the basilica of Marbella

Heading towards Marbella, follow the directions towards San Pedro. The basilica is situated inside an urbanization of semi-detached villas near the sea and before crossing the Guadalmina river.

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