Marbella Encarnacion Church Information

It was in 1485 when the Christian armies conquered Marbella and it was the starting point of the construction of religious buildings, specially trying to use the floors of the previous mosques and Muslim buildings to eliminate any trace of the previous religion.

During the year 1500 they already built the Royal Hospital, the Santa Catalina chapel and the parish church, and in 1505 they built the "Saint Mary of the Incarnation" church upon the ground floor of a mosque, so they believe.

In 1618, it is believed that the bell tower of the Incarnation church was built, and in the year 1720 its roof had to be amended, although due to the deplorable state in which the church was in general, in the end they had to construct another building, which began between 1750 and 1755, and finished in 1762...a very short period which meant a construction of very low quality, causing the collapse of the top part of the tower and the ruin of the vaults.

The only church tower has an approximate height of 33 metres, and the oldest bell was made in London during the year 1804 and the more modern ones, located on the northern and southern side, were added in 1984.

The clock of the tower was placed on the tower in 1813 after remaining packed up in the port of Malaga during the War of independence, and it remained in the church untill 1942, when the town hall changed it for one made in Spain.

The church had a great artistic richness in its altarpieces and images, as well in the archives, jewels and glasses for the religious cult, of which only a few objects have been preserved after 1936. As from that year they begin to try to improve the church’s image with new images of cult, as well as renovating elements they began to change little be little: the main door, the marble door, benches, stained glass windows, lamps, the bell tower and a new clock.

This church is a perfectly preserved example of the religious fervour that they felt during the middle ages in Marbella and can be visited from 08:30 to 22:30 any day of the week.

Where is the church?

It’s situated in Marbella’s old quarter
Plaza de la Iglesia S/N,

Telephone: 952773136

Malaga Spain

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