Marbella Castle Information

Marbella’s castle, situated in the city’s old quarter, was built in the 9th century, during the reign of Abdurrahman the 3rd (born in Cordoba on the 7th of January of the year 891 and died on the 15th of October of the year 961), who was one of the first caliphs in Al-Andalus.

Marbella Castle

To access Marbella’s castle, there used to be three entrances: the Ronda gate (currently known as ‘Plaza del Puente de Ronda’), the Malaga gate (old bridge of Malaga) and the Sea gate (today, ‘Plaza Jose Palomo).

Marbella’s castle was modified during the 15th century for the use of artillery, and its deterioration is thought that began during only a century later.

The castle nowadays are remains that only show a small part of what Marbella’s defensive system used to be and that delimited the city’s area.

A walk around Marbella

Marbella’s old quarter, where the castle is located, is an interesting option for any visitor that would like to discover more of Marbella during their pleasant stroll. The old quarter’s streets that surround the castle are practically the same streets from the 16th century, an area where time seems to have stopped and it shows us a historical and architectonic complex that will transfer us to the past.

During our walk around the castle, we’ll centre our attention on the narrow streets and small balconies decorated with geraniums, a unique sensation, typical of Andalusia’s white villages, inheritance of a Muslim past that can still be witnessed throughout its streets.

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