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ITV in MarbellaThe ITV is the technical inspection of our vehicle, equivalent to the MOT in the UK or the DOT in USA.

All of our vehicles at have their ITV up to date, but if you have your own vehicle and you need to go and pass its ITV for the first time in Marbella, here below we will gladly explain how to get there and what to expect.

The ITV is only a technical inspection of your vehicle where they assure that the most basic elements of safety, lighting and driving are in perfect conditions, and that the emissions from your vehicle respect the environment. These tests are done in an authorised garage to carry out the ITV inspection in the area. If you live in Marbella you’ll have to drive to San Pedro de Alcantara or Estepona which is where the nearest ITV centres are located.

Every how long does one have to pass the technical inspection in Spain?

The inspection on new cars is not necessary until the vehicle is at least 4 years old, as from then onwards it must pass its ITV every 2 years until the vehicle is 10 years old, from then on, the technical inspection is annual.

Bare in mind that if were to have an accident and the car needs fixing, you must pass the ITV to verify that your car is apt for driving.

If the inspection does not validate your car for driving, you have 30 days to fix the problem in a garage and return to pass the ITV. After this period you must pay the fees once again, that in Malaga are about 50€.

How to pass the ITV (mot)

In first place, we recommend to take the car to a garage and request a ‘pre-itv’, this way they will check all the elements that are necessary to pass the ITV (the cost of this service is about 35€ and generally takes a couple of hours).

Once we are sure that everything is correct, we must schedule an appointment to pass our vehicle’s ITV, which we can do either online (, which is easier and quicker, or over the phone (902 57 57 57 – We cannot assure they’ll speak English, so we suggest you ask someone to do it for you if you don’t speak a word of Spanish); during this call they will ask you where you prefer to pass the technical inspection and your vehicle’s number plate. Sometimes it’s even possible to specify the date and the time you wish to pass it.

ITV Malaga Opening Hours

From Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm. Saturdays from 8am straight through till 1am at night nonstop.

When you get there you’ll be able to park inside the ITV premises wherever you find a spot, and pay for the fee in the office (after showing the registration document of the vehicle and the technical data card). They’ll give you a ticket, after which you’ll have to wait around until you are called by your number plate and vehicle model on the loudspeaker indicating which lane to go to.

Once you are in the lane, you must remain inside your vehicle while they check the conditions of the safety belts, lighting, gas emissions, emergency lights and fog lights. Occasionally, they’ll also check the vehicle’s oil level.

The second part of the inspection is carried out upon these cylinders that check the suspension, the breaks (both, the hand break and the foot break) and the alignment of the wheels.

Once the second part of the ITV inspection is finished, you’ll be asked to move along and you’ll shortly be handed the papers that indicate that your vehicle has satisfactorily passed the technical inspection, together with a sticker to place on your car’s front windscreen.

What to do in case of failing the ITV test

If you don’t pass the ITV test, they’ll give you a paper with the list of problems you must fix before returning within 2 months, after which if it still doesn’t pass the inspection, your car will lose the register.

Remember that it’s important that your vehicle’s ITV is up to date, otherwise, the insurance will not cover anything in case of an accident.

Where to pass the ITV

You can choose to pass the ITV either in Malaga, San Pedro de Alcantara, Estepona or Ronda.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:45am to 6:45pm. Saturday from 7:45am to 12:45pm.

Tel: +34 902 57 57 57

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