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When you’re travelling, you’re health in one of the most important elements to bare in mind. If you’re health is not good you won’t be able to enjoy your holidays which is why it’s always best to prevent and get a check-up before if you find you don’t feel well.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The European Health Insurance Card is a free and temporary document that allows access to the public health care in any European country during your stay and your right to the same health care as the citizens of the European country you visit. You’ll be able to receive medical treatment in Marbella just as any other resident, although this does not imply that all the services are free as they depend on the country.

To get hold of one of these health cards, you must contact your local health authorities with the only requirement of being insured by a social security system in your own country and that this country belongs to the European Union.

If you have a smartphone you can download an app called “European Health Card” which will inform you on how to use the card abroad in each one of the different countries of the E.U.. The program also includes emergency phone numbers, treatments and covered costs.

Each health card is valid for only one person, so if you’re travelling with your family, each member must have their own card.

Bare in mind that it’s possible that they ask you to pay for the treatment, in which case you must request a refund afterwards using your health card. Remember to keep hold of all the receipts.

How to obtain a health card

From the official website at:

Private clinics in Marbella

If you have private health care that will cover you during your trip, you can choose to visit one of the private hospitals available in Marbella. In the majority of these clinics they speak English as well as other languages.

Here below we present a list of the private and public centres in Marbella:

Public and private health clinics in Marbella

Health CentersLas Albarizas:
Address: Avda. Las Albarizas.
Phone: +34 952 82 48 02.

Address: Plaza de Leganitos, 5.
Phone: +34 952 77 21 84.

San Pedro Alcántara:
Address: Avda. Principe de Asturias.
Phone: +34 952 78 77 00.

Nueva Andalucía:
Address: Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 30.
Phone: +34 952 81 87 34.

Las Chapas:
Address: Pinsapo (Tenencia de la Alcaldía).
Phone: +34 952 83 84 10.

Clinica Ochoa
Avda. Severo Ochoa, C/Llano de San Ramon, Edf. Mayoral s/n
Phone: 952 86 14 00

Hospital Costa del Sol
Public hospital in Marbella.
A-7, Km.187
Phone: 951 97 66 69

HC Marbella - High Care Marbella
English speaking hospital
Address: Casa Santa Isabel s/n Urbanización Las Mimosas
Phone: 952 908 628

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