Bookshops in Marbella

If you enjoy reading, in Marbella you’ll find a great amount of bookshops, if you know a bit of Spanish and you want to keep on learning, there’s nothing better than reading a good book to learn Spanish. If on the other hand, you wish to read a book in English, Marbella also has English bookshops and Spanish bookshops with English books.

library in Marbella

There are various alternatives to find books in English:

-The Shakespeare Secondhand Bookshop Lagasca 69, San Pedro Alcántara. 607 345 909.

Amongst these alternatives, the large shopping centres tend to have a section of books in English:

- Eroski
- Fnac
- Corte Inglés

There are other options if you have your own vehicle to move around in:

- David´s Books Info. C/Francisco Cano 49, Los Boliches. 952 588 685. Situated in Fuengirola, approximately 25 minutes away from Marbella.

- Ann´s Books. Plaza Nueva Bonanza. 952 564 279. Situated in Benalmadena, approximately 30 minutes away from Marbella.

- The Second Hand Bookshop Torremolinos. Calle Cauce 11. 605 221 697. Situated in Torremolinos approximately 35 minutes away from Marbella.

If you’re looking for bookshops in spanish, there are several and we’ll also be able to find a wide selection of books in the main shopping centres:

Bookshop Matam , bookshop Zoco, Delibros, bookshop Caracuel, Excálibur books, bookshop Alfaqueque, Fnac in La Cañada Shopping Centre and in El Corte Inglés.

All time top books

If you’re looking for a book but you can’t make up your mind on what to read, here below we have jotted down some of the best books of all time that we highly recommend:

- Epic of Gilgamesh: It’s one of the oldest first stories that dates back to the 18th century, before our era.
- Fairy Tales: Hans Christian Andersen  wrote this between 1835 and 1837 in Danish and was later on translated.
- One Thousand and One Nights: Written between the years 700-1500 during the Islamic golden age.
- Don Quixote: Miguel de Cervantes wrote this between 1605 and 1615 in Spanish and was later on translated.

Amongst the bestsellers to start off our list are:

- A tale of Two Cities : Charles Dickens, published in 1859 in English.
- The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit : J.R.R. Tolkien, published between 1937 and 1955 in English.
- And Then There Were None : Agatha Christie, published in 1939 in English.
- The Da Vinci Code: Dan Brown, published in 2003 in English.

To learn more about Andalusia’s history:

If you want to know how Andalusia was in the early 18th century, we recommend: Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irvin (It’s free and can be found online)

It’s always convenient to have a good book nearby to read, whether its lying down on a sunbed while sunbathing or before going to sleep to relax after long day of tourist exploration.

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