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Photos of Benalmadena
Benalmadena is the home of Puerto Marina; if you are coming for the Benalmadena nightlife we recommend not taking the car when drinking (It is very common the police to make alcohol checks, and fines are not cheap). You can search for Benalmadena hotels, so the nightlife will be just a few steps from your room.

Pictures below are just a sample of Benalmadena and Puerto Marina:

panoramic views of benalmadena port, puerto marina sights
Aerial view of Benalmádena
landscapes of benalmadena, city sights
Landscape of Benalmádena

benalmadena port sights, puerto marina views
Port of Benalmádena
benalmadena beaches
Beach of Benalmadena
benalmadena beaches, playa de la salud sights
'Playa de la Salud', in Benalmadena
benalmadena beaches, playa bil pil sights
'Playa Bil bil', in Benalmadena
benalmadena promenade sights
Promenade of Benalmadena
benalmadena nightlife photos
Promenade of Benalmadena
benalmadena marina photos
Marina of Benalmadena
benalmadena castle of colmenares sights
Castle of Colmenares, in Benalmadena

benalmadena golf, golf course sights
Golf course in Benalmadena
benalmadena squares, spain square sights
Spain square in Benalmadena

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