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Malaga is an ideal destination to visit during our holidays, whether it’s in summer or winter, we can always find something to do in the province of Malaga. If you enjoy culture and archaeological remains, in Malaga you’ll find from medieval and Arab castles to Roman ruins still in pretty good conditions, many attractions in Malaga to enjoy.

Andalucia White Villages

Trips on horseback, bicycle rides and hiking are especially recommended in order to take full advantage of the setting in which these temporary home - from - homes are located. For those who wish to swap riding equipment for a set of golf clubs, a more classical brand of accommodation can be found throughout the province, both on the coast and further inland. Many Malaga hotels and paradors boast elegance, comfort and a whole range of ostentatious features. Hydromassage, saunas, jacuzzis, discotheques, restaurants, shopping facilities, virtual cities designed to allow the guest to enjoy every luxury imaginable without leaving the hotel. As far as overnight staying is concerned, there is an accommodation for all tastes and pockets.

Costa del sol

Costa del Sol Beaches

The Costa del Sol officially extends from Tarifa in the southwest, to Almuñecar, west of Granada; post - industrial Malaga lies smack in the middle. To the northeast, coastal hills dip straight into the ocean, where rocky beaches help preserve some of the shore's natural beauty. To the southwest, however, waves seem to wash up onto more concrete than sand. Anyway, nothing can take away the cost's major attraction: eight months of spring and four months of summer. The fame of Costa del Sol's fantastic weather has spread far and wide, and July and August bring swarms of pale - skinned northern Europeans. Along the shore English is often as commonly heard as Spanish. In summer reservations are almost essential anywhere along the coast, especially at sparse budget hostels. June is the best time to visit, when summer has already hit the beach but the tourists haven't. Private bus lines offer connections along the coast itself - trains go only as far as Malaga and Fuengirola.

City of Malaga tourism

Malaga Cathedral Malaga has gradually been growing over the passage of time but always maintaining its essence, allowing the visitor to enjoy its meandering narrow streets, inherited from a rich past in nuances.

In Malaga we have plenty of activities available, from horseback rides, bike rides around mountain routes or through tourist areas, rock climbing...there as many options as there are grains of sand in the large and beautiful beaches along the Costa del Sol, a dream location for those who enjoy sunbathing and cooling off in the Mediterranean.

There is a wide variety of hotels in Malaga adapted to all budgets and tastes, from hotels with Jacuzzis in the rooms, hydro-massages, spas, discos or virtual cities that will allow the guests to enjoy their stay and any other luxury without even having to leave the hotel.


Nerja Caves

Renowned for its beaches, caves, and extremely picturesque Balcon de Europa overlooking the Mediterranean, Nerja (pop. 15,000) offers all the comforts and clutter of a coastal resort town. Its spectacular beaches are filled with bikini - clad tourists and flip - flopped crowd of Anglophones. But despite the rampant tourism, this whitewashed town remains one of the most charming on the eastern end of the Costa del Sol. To top it off, Nerja offers one of the coast's most enticing yet unpretentious nightlife scenes, catering to locals and tourists of all ages and tastes. If we could give an entire town a thumbpick, Nerja would be at the top of the list.


Puerto Banus, Marbella

Those who like their vacation spots shaken, not stirred, like Scottish smoothie Sean Connery and a host of other jet - setters, choose Marbella (pop. 116,000; and 500,000 + in summer) as their vacation home. With its gorgeous beaches that stretch for kilometres and a definitely more sophisticated atmosphere than on much of the Costa del Sol, it's no wonder that Marbella and the cosmopolitan enclave seven kilometres further at Puerto Banus, attract the rich and famous. Marbella's center, however, retains its aspect of an important merchant town occupied by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. Remnants of its history can be seen in the well - preserved architecture and streets of the casco antiguo. Today Marbella serves primarily as an elegant beachside retreat for a wealthy international crowd, and there are more yachts than hotels. Because of the mountains nearby, Marbella's winter temperatures tend to be 5 - 8 F warmer than Malaga's, and beach season lasts at least 10 months, so don't even think about leaving your tan at home. Don't miss the chance to spend your holidays in Marbella.


Tajo Ronda

Ronda is surrounded by hills, valleys and routes of great beauty that we can discover by foot. The centuries have given Ronda endless amount of monuments and architectonic remains that every visitor we’ll be able to enjoy, such as the symbol of the city, the New Bridge, or the old Arab walls that surround the place.

The origin of the old quarter dates back to the roman period, a period during which Ronda had a great commercial importance. The importance of Ronda is still present and is the favourite place of so many tourists that visit it all year round, with other famous visitors such as Orson Welles, who ended up in love with Ronda and wanted to be buried there in the land owned by a good friend of his, his ashes rest in a country house on the outskirts of Ronda.

Ronda is an excellent starting point to discover the interior of Malaga and its beautiful white villages.


El Chorro Antequera

Few sunsets rival those seen from atop Antequera's old Moorish fortress, with views extending over the town and the mountains. The Romans gave Antequera (pop. 42,000) its name, but older civilizations proceeded them. The signs of their presence can be seen on the outskirts of town in the pre-Roman dolmenes (funerary chambers built from rock slabs), some of the oldest in Europe. The alluring pancake pillars of the Sierra de Torcal and a Mars - like wasteland of eroded rocks are another nearby attractions. Smack in the middle of Andalusia, Antequera makes a good base for those who want to see the big cities but to say somewhere a bit more tranquil. Wise travellers drop by here for a few days of inland visual splendour among Antequera's rolling hills and rich history.

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