Route Otivar Sierra de Cazulas

Those who want to enjoy various hiking trails and nature in the area around the Natural Park of Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama and Sierra de Cazulas will find in Otivar, located at the foot of the mountains, an ideal location as a starting point.

One of the main routes in Otivar is known as "Junta de los Rios" descending to the depths of the valley and the source of the river Rio Verde; other routes offer unique views of the valley and the Sierras of Alhama, Tejeda and Almijara.

Discovering Otivar

From the Granada area known as `Suspiro del Moro (Sigh of the Moor)´ where Boabdil allegedly turned his head to see his palace for the last time and wept at the loss of the city; take the 'Carretera de la Cabra´ bordering the Natural Park of Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama and a much used road in the past, fish route between the coast and the city of Granada where we currently still find remains of abandoned hotels in good condition with spectacular views.

In Otivar is situated the source of the river Rio Verde, formerly widely used as a means of transporting logs from the small timber industry of past days.

Route of Junta de los Ríos

At the junction of Palace Cazulas (of Muslim origin), located 5 km north of the same road that crosses Otivar begins the route along the lane of Barranco de la Corta.

The route descends almost to the bottom of the valley, where we take a path parallel to the river. Following the trail we pass through a metal bridge after which await us curious limestone formations and two derelict hydroelectric plants. Finally we arrive at the junction of two rivers that give rise to Rio Verde where we can walk about 100 metres along the right path to reach a lookout and enjoy the beautiful views.

This route is ideal for the winter, spring and fall.

Route time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Trail of 14 kilometres
Starting point: Carretera de la Cabra, at 5 km from Otivar.
Destination: Mirador de la Junta de los Rios.

Hiking route Moratila – Malagueña – Molineta – Otivar

This trail is divided into 3 routes that can be performed separately or together in a circular path tour that begins and ends in the vicinity of Otivar.

Route time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Trail of 5 kilometres
Starting point: Paraje de la Moratila
Destination: Otivar

This route is ideal for the winter, spring and fall.

Route of Palacete de Cazulas

For this route we have two options, driving or walking. If we drive we ascend to the turn that indicates the descent to Cazulas until getting to Venta de Cazulas, from where if we descend further will get to the mansion.

Walking, from Otivar we descend to the source of the river Rio Verde from Calle Real and cross the river and later a metal gate, after which we follow the course of Rio Verde to reach a path that ascends and some pools, already very near the Mansion of Cazulas, to which we get after skirting the farmhouse to the right and cross a bridge that will take us to a source 600 meters from our destination.

Route time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy Trail of 4 kilometres
Starting point: Otivar
Destination: Palacete de Cazulas

How to get to Otivar

The best way to reach Otivar and the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama is by car; you can rent a car in Malaga without credit card* (online reservation), in very simple steps or consult the price of a private taxi from our site.

The following map shows you the recommended route to get there from Granada; a road route that offers spectacular views and where we recommend driving carefully due to the transit of many cyclists.

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